New Poster Round Up! The Help with Emma Stone! Battleship with Rihanna! The Muppets with Amy Adams! The Ides Of March with Ryan Gosling!

Movie poster round up time! Ah yes, that time of the week when we take a look at some of the new poster images just released! Ah good times…

Our first poster is the new version of The Help. I think this is the German version. While it’s not a huge difference from the first version, it’s still fun and I like the way each of the main actresses are featured. I’m looking forward to this one… Partially because I love me some Emma Stone, but also because the preview and advance word of mouth have been so so good… Finally, a decent movie this summer… God willing! It also helps… see I made a pun there… anyway, it helps that this movie is based on a book, that as far as I understand was really popular.

the help rare german one sheet movie poster emma stone bryce dallas howard rare promo poster hot easy a

Next up is the advance teaser for Battleship… Now, I’m just not sure about this one… Rihanna as an actress…Eh? I mean the first movie based on a board game is a classic, and I can only be referring to Clue: The Movie. Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan… I mean classic… will this one be a classic… doubtful, it looks like, according to the trailer that it’s another alien invasion epic… ugh… why are so many different aliens just dying to get to earth… In everything in the universe, in all the galaxy is earth that great? Haven’t we used all the minerals and polluted the water supply enough? Sigh…

battleship rare one sheet teaser movie poster rihanna alexander skarsgard promo hot sexy parker bros battleship movie poster one sheet promo

And then… I love this poster… It’s the Muppets! Amy Adams looks so adorable in this poster! And Jason Segel looks great too! I know Jason Segel really loves the Muppets and anyone who has seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall knows how much Jason is into puppetry and love the Muppets, so I think that this could be good. Not holding out too many hopes on it, but I’m still excited!

The muppets rare teaser one sheet movie poster disney amy adams jason segel kermit the frog miss piggy rare promo poster one sheet

And finally, the new Ryan Gosling movie The Ides Of March released their poster. It rocks! I love how they used both Ryan and George Clooney on the cover… Very cool. It’s rare to even see an interesting movie poster out there now-a-days but to have one that’s actually pretty decent is awesome! I actually put this movie on my radar now while before I didn’t care all that much!

the ides of march rare teaser movie poster one sheet ryan gosling george clooney rare promo poster jeffrey wright rare

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