Funko Funday! Jordan Heads To Waffle House After Meeting Nick Jonas! Autographs! Funko Pops and More!

Growing up everyone had their favorite boy bands whether it be 98 Degrees, NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys and the list goes on!

One of the most iconic boy bands growing up for me was the Jonas Brothers! I was nine years old when they came onto the music scene stealing the hearts of girls all of the world with their smash hit Year 3000. Their song Year 3000 had a lot of kids my age wanting to travel to the Year 3000 and see what their life would be like along with hoping to always time travel to wherever they want in the world. And the Jonas Brothers took off from there having more hits such as SOS, When You Look Me in The Eyes, Burnin Up, A Little Bit Longer.

When they broke in 2013 it was a sad time for the Jonas Brothers fanbase not knowing if the band would ever get back together. They all had successful individual careers being solo artists, but that magic wasn’t there anymore. In 2019 when the band got together it was awesome because I got to see the brothers evolve, from writing songs about heartbreak to finding love along with showing the fans the journey of the band getting back together.

As a fan, it felt like I took that journey with them due to the all changes that I went through in life. And all their songs from their comeback album Happiness Begins became relatable such as their songs I Believe and Rollercoaster. I was fortunate enough to meet Nick Jonas a couple months ago and yes he’s my favorite Jonas Brother. He was playing at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe and of course he had a lot of girl fans there wanting to get a picture with him. Nick was a down to earth guy and just awesome to meet. Meeting him and getting a picture with made me an even bigger fan. Even though he was not sure why I wanted a Funko signed or was totally confused on where to sign it, but I showed him where to sign it. I just now need to get Kevin and Joe on it. The Jonas Brothers don’t have an official funko, so I got Nick on an MTV Moon Man Funko because they won Song of the Summer with Sucker!

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