NYCC 2013! The Swag & Exclusives! Plus A Sneak At Upcoming Contests! Black Sails! Vampire Academy! Hunger Games! DaVinci’s Demons! & More!

There are two things people ask about at every Con and that’s the swag and the cosplay. Well, et me say, we have plenty of both from New York Comic Con!

Erica was on hand and for her first article from the con she is talking about the swag and some upcoming contests we’re going to have! Can we say awesome! Yes… Yes, we can!

Check out her first recap below!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


New York Comic Con 2013 is officially over and I have a ton of news, pictures and swag to share with everyone! OK, I may not have enough swag for everyone, but I do have some stuff to share!

As with any con, there are exclusives that everyone salivates for. For example: the always amazing Marvel booth had an exclusive plush Rocket Raccoon. As one of the Guardians of the Galaxy (to be voiced by Bradley Cooper for the film next year), the fierce little guy was in hot demand. Lucky me, I was able to take home the ferocious woodland creature (who X-Rays very clearly when going through TSA!).

rocket raccoon guardians of the galaxy nycc exclusive

rocket raccoon guardians of the galaxy nycc exclusive

It pays to attend Marvel panels! Attendees of the Marvel video game panel were gifted with the exclusive Iron Patriot mini-figure. Too cute!!

lego iron patriot mini mate figure rare nycc 2013

For something fun and interactive, Tervis was on hand for people to custom make water bottles. Think of it as a Build-A-Bear for water bottles without all the distributing fluff (bear innards) floating about. Anyway, the fun folks at Tervis not only let you pick the size and cap for the tumbler, but also let you decorate the inner cup before it’s vacuum-sealed to provide insulation for hot or cold drinks.

tervis water tumblers at NYCC 2013 rare

tervis water tumblers at NYCC 2013 rare

tervis water tumblers at NYCC 2013 rare

tervis water tumblers at NYCC 2013 rare

tervis water tumblers at NYCC 2013 rare

On a sad note, I have to say that at least one booth had major customer service issues. Although I won’t name the prop replica merchant by name, suffice to say that when you screw up an online custom replica badge order there are things you shouldn’t do. Like keep the person waiting 45 minutes or taking other people who came 20 minutes later first, or imply that the customer is an idiot or continuously cut the customer off mid-sentence or to tell them you don’t want any attitude because they screwed up or complain that you sold too many of your limited edition product and can’t handle the crowd. Yeah, none of those things go over well. Especially when there is a line of people whose order you screwed up.


I did say that I had some swag to share, right? We have lots so we’ll be staggering out the contests, but here’s a look at what we’ll be sharing:

Vampire Academy swag bag and autographed novel

vampire academy swag bag nycc 2013

vampire academy swag bag nycc 2013

For the upcoming film based on the YA novel, we have one of the swag bags which consists of the nylon backpack, t-shirt and novel signed by the cast and creatives!

Outlander t-shirt and oversized postcard

outlander t-shirt oversized postcard rare promo

Thanks to the amazing folks at Starz, we have one of the #Heuligans shirts and oversized postcards to share. Can’t wait for this show which starts next spring!!!

DaVinci’s Demons t-shirt and phone skin

davinci's demons shirt nycc 2013

Also from Starz, we have a shirt and phone skin to celebrate the second season of David Goyer’s fanciful and thrilling look at Leonardo DaVinci.

Black Sails t-shirt

black sails shirt rare starz rare

Loosely based on some of the characters in Treasure Island (kind of a loose prequel), Black Sails will debut on Starz in January. Produced by Michael Bay, this show is going to be epic!

Hunger Games: Catching Fire mockingjay pin

hero complex hunger games mockingjay pin

OK, the pin is from San Diego Comic Con, but the Hero Complex magazine was from NYCC. I’m thinking about combining the two together for a little something.

Alright! There’s more stuff to share, but that’s the headline on stuff we’ll be giving out in the near future. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for when we start the giveaway!

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