Orphan Black takes over Wondercon 2015!! Signings and Photo Gallery! Jordan Gavaris! Maria Doyle Kennedy! Dylan Bruce!

This past weekend, you couldn’t escape Orphan Black at Wondercon! (Who would want to?)

If you’re a member of #CloneClub, then you’ve been counting down the days until the third season premieres next Saturday (April 18th) on BBC American AND on AMC, IFC, Sundance and WeTV. (The rest of the season will be on BBC America only).

If you’re not a member of #CloneClub, then you probably haven’t seen the first 10 minutes of the pilot will have you hooked for life! But there’s still time to catch up on the first two seasons so you can join in on the fun with this tense, wild, funny and smart ride called Orphan Black. Comcast Xfinity subscribers still have a few days of Watchathon to binge it all for free. (Thank me later!)

The critical and beloved show came back to Wondercon with a sizeable presence including the official convention programming guide and the official Wondercon bag.

Orphan Black Wondercon (3)

The Orphan Black comic successfully launched a few months ago and IDW had Jody Houser (writer) and Cat Staggs (cover artist extraordinaire) on hand for a signing. The comic is co-written by the show’s creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett so the story is part of the Orphan Black universe with additional stories. I can’t wait for the third issue since it’s going to reveal a fascinating bit of backstory…

Orphan Black Wondercon IDW (2)

Orphan Black Wondercon IDW (1)

Orphan Black also held a signing where fans could meet the cast! Jordan Gavaris, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Dylan Bruce, Evelyne Brochu and Kristian Bruun were all on hand to greet the fans! (Tatiana Maslany has a mysterious, yet-to-be-announced film commitment.) Let me tell you, getting up at 6 in the morning for a raffle drawing is a painful experience! The line had about 500 people and ran the length of the building, but I got very lucky. Whew!!! Unfortunately the studio provided a small, dark postcard and questionable pens, but the cast were trying their hardest to keep the pens working.

Orphan Black Wondercon (2)

Afterwards, the cast chatted with members of the media and then packed the house for a panel with clips of season 3.

Orphan Black Wondercon 15 - Cast

Orphan Black Wondercon 15 - Maria

Orphan Black Wondercon 15 - Jordan

Orphan Black Wondercon 15 - Dylan

Orphan Black Wondercon 15 - Dylan side

Orphan Black Wondercon 15 - Evelyn 2

Orphan Black Wondercon 15 - Evelyn

Orphan Black Wondercon 15 - Kristian

(And yes, creator/writer Graeme Manson was also there, but a little camera shy so he didn’t join the press line. Ironic since he and fellow creator John Fawcett did a cameo in the season 2 premiere as a photographer and his subject at the big Dyad party!)

Want to know what secrets were unveiled? Check back next week for my interviewers where the cast and Graeme hint at what’s ahead in season 3, who’s going to through the biggest changes and a whole lot more! Next week I’ll also start an Orphan Black swag contest which will have all sorts of promo goodies from San Diego Comic Con, Fan Expo Canada and Wondercon!


9 more days!!!

Stay tuned!!

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