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TV Heartbeat Interview! The Cast of Orphan Black Hints at What’s Ahead in Season 3! Cophine! Team Hendrix! Major Paul! The Crazy Boys of Project Castor!

Orphan Black is back this week!!!! Oh how I’ve missed this truly original and addictive show! Fast, smart, unexpected and fascinating, the third season critical and popular hit BBC America series will start up on Saturday, April 18th. Can’t wait any longer? At Wondercon, I was lucky

Orphan Black takes over Wondercon 2015!! Signings and Photo Gallery! Jordan Gavaris! Maria Doyle Kennedy! Dylan Bruce!

This past weekend, you couldn’t escape Orphan Black at Wondercon! (Who would want to?) If you’re a member of #CloneClub, then you’ve been counting down the days until the third season premieres next Saturday (April 18th) on BBC American AND on AMC, IFC, Sundance and WeTV. (The

TV Heartbeat! Oscar Winners Invade TV! Bates Motel! New Avengers Trailer! One Month Until Outlander, Orphan Black and Game of Thrones Return!

When CBS closes the door on one procedural, they open the door on another! CBS shuttered its marquee show, CSI, to make way for CSI: Cyber which will focus on tech crimes with newly-minted Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette. USA is betting big on a new “event