Pretty In Pinky! Waiting Seven Hours For Jerry Seinfeld To Then Get A Massive FAIL After He Said He Would Do It! DOH!

Pretty in Pinky always gets her man… It might take 10 years, but I have never known Pinky to not get that elusive photo opp… Well, apparently I’m once again proved wrong as Ms. Pinky today talks about one of her elusive FAILS!

Say Wha? I know… Mr. Jerry Seinfeld… He said, sure I’ll do it after, Pinky waits… And Waits… And Waits… Seven hours and then.. No pic! Wow…

Pinky can more eloquently tell her story, as long as there are no tears… I hate the tears!

Check out Pinky’s report after the jump!


Hello, my lovelies. Pinky Lovejoy here to tell you the sad tale of my failed attempts at a picture with Jerry Seinfeld. Now, I was a big Seinfeld fan from the very beginning – I loved the idea of a stand-up comedian combining his act with the show. I think he’s brilliantly talented and super funny.
jerry seinfeld rare press promo still with his mouth open at a charity event rare television promo

Once upon a time (OK, in 1994), I was at a Dodgers game with some friends. During the 6th inning, Seinfeld snuck into the cheap seats with fellow comedian, Larry Miller. At the time, I didn’t really do the picture thing – although I’d had the good fortune to meet Jason Bateman when I was 12 and Josh Brolin when I was 16, I didn’t really make a habit of it or even know how to go about doing it. But, it was Jerry Seinfeld! I had to meet him. I made my way over to him and had a brief conversation with him and Larry. Now Larry was SUPER nice…like, out of this world nice. Jerry? Not so much. Granted, he signed an autograph on a napkin for me, but he pretty much hated me and you could tell I was an annoyance to him. I didn’t mean to be, mind you, but I was young, and didn’t know any better (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). Later that week I read an article where he said he hated people coming up to him. Oops. Wish I’d read that before seeing him.

Larry Miller rare press promo still pretty woman gary marshall rare character actor promo

After getting the autograph (which I later put into a photo album because I had no idea what to do with it), I decided I had to have a picture and spent approximately $30 on a disposable camera from one of those souvenir places in Dodger stadium. I then proceeded to go back to Seinfeld and get a pic (obviously, he was really loving me by this time). Despite my being annoying, he did take the pic, and for that I’m grateful. He didn’t have to. Unfortunately, when I went to develop the over-priced camera at one hour photo the next day, the picture turned out completely black. The camera didn’t work. FAIL.

jerry_seinfeld rare promo photo at a baseball game enjoying a nice hot dog and not wanting to meet fans
For the past 17 years, I’ve been lamenting the fact that my camera didn’t work. I hate the fact that I “technically” got the picture, but it didn’t turn out, so when I saw that Jerry was performing two shows in Hollywood last week, I knew I had to try. Why not, right? So, immediately after work on Friday I went to the theater hoping to see him going in. I didn’t know when he’d arrive, but I hoped I’d catch him. Sure enough, he drove himself to the show. When he arrived, he honked and waved and even let some pedestrians cross before he drove into the parking lot. I thought that was a good sign! There were four of us waiting. When he got out of his car, we said, “Jerry, can we please get a picture with you?” He replied, “After the show, guys. After the show.” And then he waved and went into the theater. Now, mind you, I really didn’t want to wait. By Friday nights all I want to do is veg out on my couch, but he was in such a good mood AND he said he’d do it after. So, I rallied. I stuck out the cold and the loooong wait (there were two shows – one at seven and one at nine thirty) and I was excited to finally – finally! – get my “re-do” pic with Jerry Seinfeld. After the second show, a barricade was set-up by the stage door and fans were allowed to wait for him to walk out (although we were warned it could be awhile). Oh, good. More waiting. When he came out around 11:45, he would only sign autographs. When we asked for a picture he said, “If I were to take a picture with everyone, I’d be here all night.” Um, what? Why not just tell us that to begin with and I could’ve gone home to my dog? I just spent over seven hours waiting for nothing?!?! And, I don’t understand when people will only sign autographs and won’t take pictures. Yes, I know that sometimes people aren’t ready and take forever with their cameras, but there are others of us who are ready and can do it super fast – even faster than it takes to sign. On average, my pictures take about ten seconds – I’ve got it down to a science. Get in and get out. No muss, no fuss. Get the pic and get out of the way so others can get theirs. That’s my goal. How hard is it to stick your head in for two seconds, especially for people who’ve been waiting almost longer than they worked that day? I just don’t get it. He spent time signing for people who were going to sell his autograph (not all of them, of course, but there were quite a few dealers there) as opposed to lifelong fans who just really wanted a picture with someone they admire. We were in a single file line behind a barricade – the entire line was maybe 15 people. That’s it. Oh, wait – he did say we could snap a pic while he was walking near us, but he wasn’t going to pose. Um….yeah. I attempted that sad photo, but the result is just a reminder of the failure of the night.
pretty in pinky from mike the fanboy and her failure at meeting mr. jerry seinfeld after his performace at the pantages theare in hollywood

Oh, well. At least he signed. And at least I tried, right? Hopefully someday our paths will cross again, but if not, my life won’t change one way or the other. Fun to see him, not fun to wait. Oh, well. On to the next…..
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