Super Short Sunday! Scotty Becomes a Lethal Weapon After Meeting Mel Gibson! Autograph Goodness!

Soon to be the subject of a Fanboy Fail Friday, Mel Gibson was out this week trying to hawk his latest bit of Oscar bait material, Hacksaw Ridge.

Scotty was lucky enough to get Mel Gibson to sign outside the venue. And what an awesome signature it is!!

Check out Super Short Sunday below!


Super Short Sunday – Mel Gibson Edition

October 23, 2016

By: Scott


Hooray! I made my deadline. This week Mel Gibson was out and about promoting his new film. I was able to snag one signature in the mayhem of 10 people waiting outside the venue. I had him sign my Lethal Weapon LaserDsic. I was thrilled. My joy did not last too long as a few friends ended up walking away with nothing as Mel did not sign inside the theater. It never feels good when someone in the MTF family misses out. I heard Mel stopped and signed a couple of times over the weekend. Some people were more fortunate than others. Thank you Mel for taking the time to sign.




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