Sucker Punch Star Ms. Abbie Cornish Stops and Makes CB’s Day!

Abbie Cornish sucker punch Sweet Pea w.e. madonna owls of gahool zach snyder rare signed autograph sexy hot rare

God Bless, Ms. Abbie Cornish. I mean really. She totally made CB’s day, and that paves the way for me to crush his hopes and dreams. See symmetry! Perfection! I’m of course joking, or half joking… He mounted his Sucker Punch poster on ribbed cardboard…. It was killing me. But I Digress, his poster is pretty badass… Anyway, I wasn’t able to go for the lovely Ms. Abbie Cornish, but don’t worry, I’ll get her at the premiere…

Okay CB Take it away!


Everyone’s favorite contributor is back in action. It’s your absolute favorite, CB, tada (Mike insert a drum roll…Mike says “No Dorkus!”….) What to do what to do. Today Abbie Cornish is doing a television appearance to promote Limitless ( the current #1 movie in America) and Sucker Punch. Mike and I love anything and everything about Sucker Punch. I am a huge fan of Zack Snyder’s work. I am a huge fan of the Watchmen, and it was really cool that to see Carla Gugino in Sucker Punch. Back on topic, I know I’m bouncing all over the wall, but I’m just so excited for Sucker Punch. Armed with poster and pictures and I’m of ( CB Note: Unfortunately, most my Sucker Punch 4X6s were tossed out a moving car by Mike…)
(Editor’s note: God, if only that were true! If only! IF ONLY! M-)

4:00 Yay, I’m here and I’m alone..YAY!

5:00: YAY! More people join me. We are up to five people…

5:01: Its freaking cold. Arctic Tundra is putting it very nicely. Its cold and windy…Mike is lucky he’s at home enjoying his warmth.

5:30: I can feel my body temperature dropping…..

5:45: Security is not putting up a barricade. There are really that few of us here…oh that’s right, Uma Thurman is at the Arclight… I love her too.

6:30: Security is moving.. “Places Everyone”…..(it’s an inside joke with everyone in line)… and its Abbie…

Abbie Cornish sucker punch sweet pea stop loss w.e. madonna movie rare signed autograph sexy hot rare poster promo review

We chant and yell for her. It must be the loudest chant the ten of us brave souls willing to freeze for Abbie can muster. By the beard of Zeus, she comes right over!. WOO HOO!

Abbie Cornish sweet pea sexy sucker punch star rare signed autograph fans photo shoot hot rare poster promo stop loss ryan phillippe limitless bradley cooper

Abbie is soo soo nice. It’s almost Amanda “I’ll Sign in the rain” Seyfried nice. She signs for everyone and does photo ops with everyone who wanted one.

Abbie cornish poses with a sucker punch fan rare signed autograph sexy hot rare sweet pea zach snyder dancer w.e. madonna stop loss limitless rare posed

Stand up girl. Apparently Rain Wilson also snuck in while Abbie came over. I came for Abbie, so I’m extremely happy. I made a comment how beautiful her autograph is and she thanked me.

Sexy abbie cornish sucker punch sweet pea signed autograph poster promo individual rare hot sexy lottery limitless bradley cooper stop loss rare australian

Go see Sucker Punch people and support the awesome Abbie and Jenna Malone (posted on the blog too!) . Until next time, same CB hour, same CB channel, same CB Blog… KAPOWW!

sucker punch poster rare signed abbie cornish sweet pea rocket jena malone rare hot sexy saved rare

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