Zero Dark Thirty Cast Q And A! Billy Beer Meets Jessica Chastain and Jason Clarke But Also Gets Some Photo Flops! Doh! Autographs! Academy Award Madness!

Honestly, when you’re talking about nice celebrities there’s no one nicer than Jessica Chastain. She is just kind as kind can be. I hope that never changes! Jessica is really being talked up for her role in Zero Dark Thirty and from everything I hear, she is amazing!

Billy Beer headed off to a q and a with Jessica and the cast of Zero Dark Thirty. God bless awards season! I swear, living in Los Angeles awards season is like Christmas!

Check out Billy Beer’s full recap after the jump!


Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool.  Today at the bar we have some of the cast of Zero Dark Thirty.  It’s a movie about the search and capture of Osama bin Laden.  C.B. scored a couple of tickets to one of the first screenings of the movie (we were told they just finished it 4 days ago), and it was to be followed by a Q & A.  It’s been getting a lot of Oscar buzz, especially for the beautiful and super nice Jessica Chastain and Directer Kathryn Bigelow.  Both who were going to be there, along with the talented actors Jason Clarke, Jennifer Ehle, and Edgar Ramirez.

I get there kinda early for the screening.  I guess C.B. with his love for Jessica got there a lot earlier.  Little did we know there was a screening before the one we were going to.  So C.B. actually got to see and meet some of the cast members before we even got in there, and C.B. got one of his photos sign by Jessica (that’s number one).  When I do get there, I talk to a couple of the graphers there for a while.  We’re hoping maybe they’ll come down before the next screening.  Oh look, there’s Jared Harris!  One of the guys gets a picture with him, and we keep waiting.  I get the text telling me we’re going to be let in soon, so I go upstairs.  When I go up, the line is a lot longer then I thought it would be.  Good thing I have a spot in the front.  While we wait, Edgar actually comes out to use the restroom.  We don’t bother him, cause we’ll see him inside.  Then Emile Hirsch walks out.  C.B. gives it a half hearted attempt to get a picture, but he’s gone.  Finally it’s time to go in.  We get a spot in the front row, and now it’s time to enjoy the show.

Without going into any details, the movie was GREAT!  I highly recommend going to see it.  It is well deserving of the Oscar buzz, as is Jessica.

Now time for the Q & A. 

zero dark thirty q and a panel at the pacific design center with sexy jessica chastain and cast

The moderator was good.  She asked a lot of questions that each of the panel members could answer with out you feeling like they are repeating each other.  Then we got to the questions from the audience.  This is where people either ask questions to be heard, or give them their life stories.  Today we got both, YAY!  C.B. was telling me he was going to ask a question, but I really didn’t see it happening.  After 3 or 4 questions, the Q & A finally concluded.  A number of people rushed the stage.  I was up front and was happy, cause it looked like the whole panel was staying and talking with people and signing and posing for pictures.  Jessica was the first person I was hoping to meet.  I’ve only met her one other time at the Spirit Awards, and she was a total sweetheart.  Thankfully, nothing about her has changed.  She was taking pictures with people and being so nice.  When we finally got our chance, C.B. gave me his camera to take a picture with her.  Which I gladly did (That’s number two).  I was hoping to get my picture too, but she kept moving down the line.  After that, we see Jason Clarke right in front of us.  We ask for an auto and picture, and he was more then happy to do so.  He recognized the soccer team on my jacket and when I mention the MLS Cup Final this Saturday, he mentions he’s an Arsenal fan.  I take a great picture for C.B. and well let’s just say I got a picture with Jason.

Jason Clarke signing autographs for fans fan photo rare promo zero dark thirty cast signed autograph q and a

Now I’m trying to get back to Jessica, but on my way over, Edgar is standing right in front of me.  I had brought a picture from Wrath of the Titans for him to sign, even though I really wanted a Domino poster with him on it, the realistic possibilities of Keira actually signing it (SEE MIKETHEFANBOY EARLIER BLOG) are not great.  He’s super nice however and signs my photo too.  Back to Jessica.  She’s finally near me again, her publicist is right by her trying to help her leave, but Jessica is just too nice (It must be hard at times being a publicist for one of the nicest actresses, you always come off as the bad girl).  At this point, C.B. gives me his camera AGAIN to take a picture with Jessica AGAIN!  REALLY!  (That’s number 3) I haven’t even gotten one and (Here is where Mike would put GRUMBLE)  Again, I take a great picture for him, then FINALLY I get my picture.  C.B. is so close, I’m thinking he’s taking a picture of my nose.  And, well, let’s just say I’ve had better photos.

Jessica Chastain signing autographs for fans fan photo rare promo hot zero dark thirty actress rare promo

  We talk for a split second about the fact she got to act with James Gandolfini and how crazy it was to have Tony Soprano right across her.  I found out The Sopranos was one of her favorite TV shows too.  After the picture she signs another photo for me and then my cast piece.  Finally her publicist is successful in getting her backstage.

Jessica Chastain signed autograph hot sexy photo shoot rare promo zero dark thirty actress rare

On our way out, we decide to stick around just to see if we can get anyone in the garage.  Then out walks Jason Clarke again.  We ask him for another picture cause the first one didn’t come out.  I mention Gunners (an Arsenal soccer club nickname), and well let’s just say it took 2 more times to finally get a good picture.

Jason Clarke signing autographs for fans fan photo rare promo zero dark thirty cast signed autograph q and aJason Clarke signing autographs for fans fan photo rare promo zero dark thirty cast signed autograph q and a

The night is finally over.  I got some nice pictures signed and met some great actors and actresses.  Time to go, it’s Happy Hour Somewhere!

Jessica Chastain signed autograph hot sexy photo shoot rare promo zero dark thirty actress rarejason clarke signed autograph hot sexy photo shoot rare promo zero dark thirty actress rarejessica chastain signed autograph jason clarke signed autograph hot sexy photo shoot rare promo zero dark thirty actress rare

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