Suddenly Susan Says Goodbye To Her Aunt Betty, One Awesome Fangirl! You Will Be Missed!

Suddenly Susan was dealt a blow last week with the passing of her beloved Aunt Betty. It’s always funny to me, that no matter how many years pass or how we all think that we’re “Grown Up,” we are always fans. Whether it’s just liking a television show, actor, etc… Fandom never goes away, it may take a different form, but it’s always there.

Susan’s aunt was a fangirl, right up until the end, and I’ll tell you. That warms my heart. I think it’s adorable. I know Susan was very close with her aunt, and she wrote a beautiful tribute.

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Some of you may have noticed I’ve been MIA for a few weeks. I’m sad to report that my Aunt Betty passed away. I had to go back to N.J. and brave the cold for the wake, etc. Now that I’m back, I thought a small tribute would be fitting.

Suddenly Susan's Aunt Betty 2

You see Betty loved the Hollywood Show. She only attended 3 of them with me, but she was fascinated by it. I would bring her to L.A. once a year for a visit and we would try our best to schedule it around the H.S. She even met Mike the Fanboy himself on one such visit and Miss Pinky too.

Whenever I mentioned Pinky, she’d ask, is that the woman with the super cute dog? She was referring to Mr. Sammy Rhodes of course. When I would go to the H.S. and she wasn’t here on a visit, I’d read her the list of attendees just before and she’d tell me which celebrities to get photos of, as she wanted to see what they looked like now.

My friend Dave is the master of the drive by photo and so we’d get whomever she wanted. I’d print them up and mail them off, always noting the celebrity on the back. As anyone who goes to the show knows, you can’t always tell who’s who. She rarely wanted a photo with a celebrity, but she always had a blast at the show.

Suddenly Susan's Aunt Betty 2

Betty was 81 and passed peacefully in her sleep and although I miss her, she had a full, vibrant life and I’ll never be able to think of the Hollywood Show without thinking of her.

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