R.I.P. Betty White! Pinky Says Goodbye To The Last Golden Girl And Television Legend!

Well, that sucks. 2021 just couldn’t leave us in peace, could it? Today, on the final day of this challenging year, we lost a great comedy icon. Betty White has been entertaining audiences for as far back as I can remember. Meeting her at my very first Emmy awards was such a treat and one of the highlights of the night. What a sweetheart! So kind and lovely in person just as you’d expect.

I think the first time I saw Betty onscreen was on the Mary Tyler Moore show. She always stood out for her sweet innocence and her ability to just annihilate you with her one-liners that would catch you by surprise and make you cry with laughter. At 99 years, she had accomplished more than most people would in half that time. I was really hoping we’d get to see her live to 100….sadly, that was not to be. Thank you, Betty, for the laughs, the smiles, and for all of your hard work.




We miss you already. R.I.P. Betty White

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