SWAU Private Signing Review! Keira Knightley! Excellent Customer Service Is Extremely Impressive!

Now, generally I’m an in person autograph collector as pretty much all of you know, but with COVID and the sheer amount of private and con signings out there, I thought it was high time I shared my personal experiences with the different signing companies and do some reviews.

I’ve heard bad stories, good stories, etc… I mean everyone has something to say. So, this is my experience with individual signings and signing companies. I understand the desire for people to do signings, they may be expensive, but authenticity tends to never be questioned, you can get the item you want done and generally in the way you want it.

The first company I’m going to review is SWAU or Star Wars Autograph Universe.


SWAU Star Wars Autograph universe logo

They have signings with some of the biggest and most rare stars of all time. Anthony Hopkins, Winona Ryder, etc…

SWAU Star Wars Autograph Universe private signing review

I did the Keira Knightley signing and I ordered a Funko Pop and a 12×18 photo.

SWAU really does have their system down, ordering was super easy, they give you credits which is awesome because you can get free shipping, mystery boxes, etc.. I really appreciate that cause most places don’t do that. It really lends itself to a positive customer experience.

Not only that, it kept me coming back and pulling the trigger for other signings I might have passed on.

I shipped everything over, followed the instructions, etc…

Now, here’s where I was really impressed. On Aug 15th, they emailed me and told me that the funko pop box arrived damaged. They sent me photos… FIVE photos and wanted to make sure I still wanted this piece signed or wanted to make other arrangements.

To be honest, I barely could see the damage, it was to the interior flap and not at all a big deal, but the fact that they took the time and effort to email me was very impressive. It’s not too many companies who would take the time.

After a short wait, the signing was completed. Now, I can’t blame a company for how a celebrity signs. I mean, this was an issue from everyone with Andrew Garfield to Tom Hardy.

Personally, I thought the Funko came out great.

I wished that Keira Knightley would have signed the 12×18 a little bolder, especially since it was just a character poster.

keira knightley SWAU autograph private signing rare signature autograph review 0001

But overall, it was an excellent experience, and SWAU really went above and beyond when it came to going the extra mile in terms of customer satisfaction and service.

That was the most impressive thing to me overall.

Due to that, I have to rate them an A for this signing. I was impressed. Very well done. *

*Full disclosure, I’m friends with Andy and Erin Luk who are a part of SWAU. This was not discussed with them and my friendship did not affect my experience with the company.



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