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“Caro Diario” (Dear Diary) Movie Review! JM says it’s “Still a sharp, substantial satire…with its wonderful whacky and intensely interesting concept.”

Still a sharp, substantial satire, “Caro Diario” (Dear Diary) remains an interesting introduction to Nanni Moretti. Available for the first-time on Blu-ray in North America, Film Movement Classics captures your heart with this spectacular 2K Digital Restoration. Filmmaker Nanni Moretti examines modern Italian life and presents his

Fanboy Fail Friday! Scotty Gets Dissed Not Once But TWICE From Kate Hudson In One Day! And He Gets Shut Out At HBO’s Clear History Premiere! Doh!

Oh no… It’s Fanboy Fail Friday! And Scotty is regaling us with a sad tale. A tale of two disses… From Kate Hudson. Scotty loves her, like how Mike The Fanboy loves Mary Louise Parker love… I know right! And since I just referred to myself in