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Fanboy Fail Friday! Rachel McAdams Edition! Scotty… Success! Ace… Success! Jack… Total Fail! Say Wha? Just Missing The Queen Of The Plastics! And On A German Lobby Card No Less! Doh!

It’s so funny… Three people go an event and ALL THREE have different experiences! How is that possible? Oh, wait… We’re collectors. I love it honestly, I mean I find it so interesting on a sociological level. Not that I want anyone to have a fail, let

The National Board of Review Awards! Elisa Heads Out To The Big Apple! Meeting Daniel Craig! Ben Affleck! Bradley Cooper! Amanda Seyfried! Jessica Chastain! John Goodman! Tom Holland! Anne Hathaway! Quvanzhane Wallis! Autographs! Photos!

I have to tell you awards season on both coasts can be a frantic affair. People are all over the place. Elise in the Big Apple headed down to the National Board of Review Awards to get a few people. There were some awesome guests that included

Billy Heads To The SAG Awards! With Aaron Paul! Bryan Cranston! Sigourney Weaver! Jessica Chastain! Justin Timberlake! Bradley Cooper! Amanda Seyfried! Alec Baldwin! Darren Criss! Autographs! Photos! Tina Fey Laughing At Fans! No Lie!

Ah, the SAG Awards! I know I say this again and again but I find it so funny that people can be at the same event and have completely different experiences. It’s just so funny to me. I love it! Anyway, Billy had some success and failure