Naomi Watts signed photo Archive

The Butler New York Movie Premiere! Oprah Winfrey! Mariah Carey! Naomi Watts! Jane Fonda! Lenny Kravitz! Liev Schreiber! And Tons More!

MTF contributor Linda just sent over a bunch of photos from the red carpet of Lee Daniel’s The Butler! The premiere was star studded and guests included Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, Lenny Kravitz, Jane Fonda, Forest Whitaker, Nelsan Ellis, Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber, and tons more! Check

2013 Palm Springs International Film Festival! With Bradley Cooper! Charo! Diane Lane! Ang Lee! Sally Field! Naomi Watts! Tom Holland! Ben Affleck! Helen Mirren! Eddie Redmayne! Autographs! Photos!

Today is the first even MTF Road Trip! Scotty, Billy Beer, The Other Mike, CB and I are heading down the highway to the 2013 Palm Springs International Film Festival. Now, here’s the thing, the lineup isn’t that outstanding, it’s good don’t get me wrong, but it’s