Teen Wolf Season 2 DVD Review! Scott Says The Tyler Posey Series Is A Howling Good Time! Werewolves! Alphas! Shirtlessness!

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Okay, I admit it… I frakkin love Teen Wolf. I didn’t want to, in fact I was a tad judgey on those that did… Cough, Cough… Suddenly Susan. I started watching season 1 and it wasn’t easy to get though.. BUT… Season 2… Let’s just say it rocked! I mean, clearly MTV upped the ante when it came to the scripts and direction.

There was more comedy, mystery, backstory and it was a full and rich show, unlike a lot of other “teen” dreck on television right now.

The Scott Files took Teen Wolf season 2 for a spin on DVD and I’m going to spoil it for you… He loved it as well!

Check out his full review after the jump!



When I first heard that “Teen Wolf” was being rebooted for television, I must admit, I had no interest in seeing it. I didn’t enjoy the Michael J. Fox movie (or it’s sequel) and the few trailers that I saw didn’t make the show look that interesting.

Flash forward to early spring 2013. I was exploring my Netflix streaming and I discovered that season one was available in it’s entirety, so I decided to give the show a chance.

The pilot was more fun than I expected it to be. Albeit, the acting and the writing were a bit spotty. What I loved was the mood the show created. The foggy, wet town of Beacon Hills, the eerie woods that lie just beyond the school, the seemingly abandoned mansion that lie in ruins. The secrets and the history that unfolded throughout the season.

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In less than one week I had devoured Teen Wolf season one. Having said that, I will say, season one wasn’t perfect. Actually, it wasn’t even that good. But it was fun TV and there is a lot to be said for that.

Season one revolved around a murderous alpha wolf and revealing his or her secret identity along with setting up the characters, relationships, etc.. The first season was resolved nicely and felt final with the exception of a climactic moment where the schools ‘bad boy’ demanded to be bitten by the new alpha wolf. It left season two wide open for new stories.

tyler posey dylan o'brien teen wolf cast hot

And season two is where the roller coaster begins. It feels like someone new has taken control of the show. The writing is stronger, the mood is more enriched, the characters are more defined. Everything, with the exception of the acting, has improved vastly.

The season revolves around a new lizard-like creature called a Kanima. No one knows who it is or what it is, only that it’s venom can paralyze and that it is a killer. At times the CG for the lizard is a bit low rent, but it’s forgivable.

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The show also pulls Scott into focus as the main character. It’s his relationship with Allison, and her werewolf hunting father (naturally our hero/werewolf has a girlfriend with a werewolf hunter for a father) that gives the show it’s emotional core. Scott’s best friend Stiles, and Derek, the alpha wolf also come into their own this season. In fact, each character is given their own story arc that on other shows would be the main storyline. It’s so nice to see supporting characters given such rich material to work with!

Scott’s main arc involves stopping the villain, maintaining his relationship with Allison, hiding that he is a werewolf from the police plus the Argent’s along with all of the mundane daily activities that go along with being a teenage boy! Who has time for schoolwork when they can turn into a werewolf at any given second!


Allison has a bit more going on this season as well. Dealing with her first ever serious boyfriend, the fact that he is a werewolf, and the fact that her parents are werewolf hunters. She also deals with a controlling father and the introduction of a very questionable grandfather. Alison has a lot on her plate including the death of her mother and her torn feelings toward the werewolf population of Beacon Hill.

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Stiles also has an active story involving his relationship with his father, his love for Lydia, and his friendship with Scott. Dylan O’Brien who played Stiles is the stand-out actor from the series. He steals every scene. He reminds me a bit of a young Shia LaBeouf (which, coming from me, is a compliment). He has great comic timing and the chops to pull off the serious stuff as well.


Make sure and check out the scene where Stiles heads to a gay bar and tries to pull of being gay to his father. His Dad has the best reaction. Priceless.

The introduction of Michael Hogan, best known from his work on Battlestar Galactica, raises the stakes as his Gerard Argent is pure evil. He is the perfect anti-grandfather, and all that that entails.

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As the season progresses you are pulled into a deep, interwoven story revolving around Derek’s need for a pack of 4 wolves, which Scott does not want to be a part of. The relationship between the Argent family now that Allison’s mother has died and her grandfather has joined the hunt. The relationship between Peter Hale, the previous alpha wolf who was killed at the end of season one and the mentally unstable Lydia.

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In season two the show doesn’t revolve around one simple premise. It isn’t all about Scott’s character as it was in season one. Season two introduces it as an ensemble piece where each of the characters are complete and not the typical two dimensional stereotypes. They have lives and they have their own issues to get through.

In short season two is a vast improvement over season one.

Stand out episodes include Shape Shifted, Abomination, Frenemy, Party Guest, Fury, and the two closing episodes of season 2, Battlefield and Master Plan.


It’s worth checking out season one for backstory and to get to know the characters. They do a good job setting up who is who and what the town is about. But season two takes it to a new level. It raises the stakes, kicks into gear, and takes you on a surprisingly intense ride that is pure TV fun.

I highly suggest giving the series a shot. It’s so easy to write something off, we do it all the time. In the case of Teen Wolf take a second look because it might just become one of your favorite shows without you meaning it to be. I should know…

Make sure and check out the special features as well. They have a great panel discussion from the Paley Center, deleted scenes and fun shirtless montage and my favorite… Stiles alternate takes!

Teen Wolf season 2 is available now on DVD


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