The February 2012 Issue of Vanity Fair Magazine Features Three Leading Men on the Cover! George Clooney! Matt Damon! Daniel Craig! Photos By Annie Leibovitz! Awesome!

I love Vanity Fair magazine covers… Love LOVE LOVE them! And the February 2012 issue of Vanity Fair magazine features not one, not two, but THREE Oscar nominees on the front! I think Daniel Craig was nominated wasn’t he? Hmmmm must be the jet lag…

Anyway, the issue of Vanity Fair features something called The Proust Questionnaire which pits the three leading men against each other in a fun question and answer session.

It asks random questions and get random responses, like George Clooney said if he were to come back he would come back as a dog, and George says that Patience is the most overrated virtue. Daniel Craig on the other hand values patience but hates his knees.

It should be a fun read and the cover is awesome, once again the photographer is Annie Leibovitz! Check out the February issue of Vanity Fair on shelves soon!

And check out the cover after the jump!

Vanity Fair february 2012 magazine cover with sexy george clooney matt damon daniel craig hot sexy leading men rare promo annie Leibovitz

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