Billy Heads To The World’s End! Meeting Michael Sheen! Simon Pegg! Bill Hader! Lizzy Caplin! Alison Brie! John Landis! Mike Judge! Autographs! And More

Billy Beer kicked back a few at The World’s End! Well.. The World’s End After Party to be more precise. I headed home for some rest but Billy, being the trooper that he is stayed to the end and met a whole head of cool people!

God Bless Billy!

Check out his recap below!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool. After the party… it’s the after 
party, and that’s exactly where I’m off to after “The World’s End” 
Premiere. Now I’m sure everyone has already read Mike’s amazing 
article about the Premiere.
(crickets chirp chirp chirp)

(Editor’s Note: Wow… M-)

Cause everyone knows the fun really begins when you get a little buzz going! 
Here is a little story of my successes, there were some fails, but we 
won’t give them the publicity by putting them on Mike the Fanboy.

First of all, we wait for the exits. The list of walkers was amazing, 
but we didn’t see a lot of them cause they went in the side door. So 
the big question was, who actually showed up. I’ve heard from people a 
few of the names, including Alison Brie one of my favorites. Let the 
free for all begin.

The first person I see leave is John Landis. LEGEND! I run over to him 
and ask him to sign my picture. He’s super nice and signs it. I don’t 
think the people around me knew who he was, so it made it really easy.

John Landis signed autograph photo rare promo michael jackson thriller

Gilles Marini from DWTS comes out next. He was on what? Sex in the 
Where? Never heard of it. I actually had a picture for him left over 
from when he was on the show. It’s not good to waste, so I get him on 
the picture.

Then all of a sudden Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs and Danny Pudi (who 
oh my gosh, I think I called Dev) come out all together. Everyone goes 
rushing for Alison. She’s saying only one each, and even calling out 
people who got one before the movie. I actually have something for 
Gillian too, but focus on Alison. Then right before me, she stops. 
AGH! Now begins the not proud of myself moments. I follow her to the 
elevator, only to be turned down again. So I run up each level of 
stairs to see if she’s gotten out……..all the way up to the 7th 
floor. I then, we’ll say beg… a little bit more, and finally break her 
down. And once she did she was really nice. I tell her I’m going to 
get tickets for her show in a few weeks, and she says “just don’t 
bring pictures” EEK! Well since I had her there, I ask for a picture 
which she in nice enough to do. Something I’ve waited around 2 years 
to get!

Alison Brie signing autographs for fans fan photo rare autograph photo

Now I’m off to the after party.

I hear I’ve already missed a few big names. Chris Evans and Nick Frost 
actually signed on the way in to the party. I actually see Ed Helms 
leaving the party on my way there, but I decide to not bother him.


People who actually enjoyed themselves are now starting to leave the 
party. I see Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplin walk out the door. We call 
for them, but they walk on past. Then a few people leave the line and 
run after them. Well, I already left my pride at the door after seeing 
Alison, so here we go. They’re nice enough to stop, and Michael gets 
mobbed first. So I go to Lizzy, I have a picture of me and her I was 
hoping to get signed. She looked at it and seemed freaked out, and 
stopped signing. UGH! No time to deal with this. I then get Michael on 
a Masters of Sex picture to finish the combo. I go back to Lizzy since 
Michael was still signing, and first gave her a different picture to 
sign. That she did. Then I brought out the other picture again, and 
explained when I took it. She wasn’t very excited to sign it, but she 

Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplin signed sex photo rare

Bill Hader was the next person to come out. He FLEW past everyone, so 
a couple of us caught up with him on the sidewalk. This time he 
actually slowed down and signed a few things. I got my Laser Cats 
picture signed, and then asked for a picture. He started to walk 
again, and then started joking around with us and told us to take the 
picture while he was walking. THIS is the Bill Hader I like! When he 
was done taking pictures, he literally started running down the 

bill hader signing autographs fan photo rare promo SNL adventureland star

After doing this stuff for a while, I’m getting a little bit better at 
spotting. The next person to walk looks like Mike Judge. I go for 
another jog. Sure enough it was. He signs my Beavis and Butthead 
picture. When I get back people start asking who was that. Then a 
couple of people start running after I tell them.

Mike Judge signed autograph beavis and butthead photo rare hot promo

Now the person I wanted most at this event David Grohl walks out. He 
didn’t seem like he was going to sign. Then a girl slowed him down, 
and I stood between him and his car. After he takes a picture with the 
girl, I ask him to sign my picture. He’s super cool and does it. I 
should of asked for a picture, and I’m kicking myself right now for 
not doing it.

Dave Grohl signed autograph photo rare rock star legend promo

Now the cast is finally start to exit. The first one is Rosamund Pike. 
I’ve heard she’s on the harder side, but she does it. She stayed in 
one spot for a while, then she finally makes her way down to me. I 
barely get her on my poster, then they took her away.

Then everyone else comes out at once. There goes Nick Frost in the 
opposite direction. Crap, I needed him on a few more things. Chris 
Pine is spotted along with Rashida Jones, the only one I still need on 
my Parks and Rec cast piece. Too late now, but here comes Simon Pegg. 
He does the same thing as Rosamund, but leaves before he gets to me. 
Luckily a couple of ladies next to me convince him to come back, and 
he signs a few more things including my Star Trek picture for you 
guessed it…..MY SISTER!

simon pegg signed autograph photo rare promo scotty star trek into darkness rare

Anyway, when I have days off of work, I use them to the fullest. Well 
since I can’t drink at this bar, time to find one that I can.
edgar wright signed autograph photo rare shaun of the dead

shaun of the dead signed autograph movie poster promo rare simon pegg nick frost

The World's End  signed autograph movie poster promo rare simon pegg nick frost

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