Ace Counts Down His Top 10 Best Autograph Successes Through The Mail! Julie Andrews! Paul Rudd! Ian McKellan! Mel Brooks! And More!

It’s lists all around! Ace has culled his top ten autographs through the mail and has put them together in a handy top ten list.

Now, TTM collecting is an interesting thing, it depends on the address, where you send it, etc… So, anyway,

check out Ace’s top ten below!Mike The Fanboy Signature logo


What’s up autograph fanatics! Ace here with TTM Tuesday! Today, I am highlighting my top ten best of 2013…. I originally took a list of names out of all my successes for the year… Then I had five people create their top ten among the list…. After precise “calculation”, below are my top ten TTM autographs of 2013!

Before you get on to them, I will say, TTM 2013 was great but it hasn’t as been as generous as past years. Regardless, I still had a blast and all the IP successes really helped to cushion the blow. I also did not include any stars that I have gotten through my playbill ventures… It isn’t really fair to include them with the others! Playbill TTM is a lot easier! In no particular order, because I feel I have to mention them because they were acquired through the methods of TTM.

Ellen Burstyn, Maggie Grace, and Sebastian Stan – Picnic

fanmail autographs ttm2

David Hyde Pierce and Sigourney Weaver – V & M & S & S

fanmail autographs ttm2

Bill Pullman and Laurie Metcalf – The Other Place

fanmail autographs ttm2

Holland Taylor – Ann

fanmail autographs ttm2

Jesse Eisenberg – The Revisionist

fanmail autographs ttm2

Judith Light – The Assembled Parties

fanmail autographs ttm2

Scarlett Johansson – Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

fanmail autographs ttm2

Ethan Hawke – MacBeth

fanmail autographs ttm2

Alan Cumming – MacBeth

fanmail autographs ttm2

Alec Baldwin – Orphans

fanmail autographs ttm2

Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez – First Date

fanmail autographs ttm2

Chita Rivera – The Mystery of Edwin Drood

fanmail autographs ttm2

Tom Skerritt and Fred Dalton Thompson – A Time To Kill

fanmail autographs ttm2

Mary Elizabeth Masantronio – The Winslow Boy

fanmail autographs ttm2

Tony Shalhoub – Golden Boy

fanmail autographs ttm2

Edie Falco – The Madrid

fanmail autographs ttm2

Ed Asner, Paul Rudd, and Michael Shannon– Grace

fanmail autographs ttm2

NOW! After all that, on to my best of 2013!

#10 David Naughton

He was one of my top horror wants for 2013! He was the star of American Werewolf in London and I don’t think he is really that common. Regardless, drink up Dr. Pepper lovers…

david naughton signed autograph an american werewolf in london poster rare

#9 Jon Heder

GOSH! He is iconic for playing Napoleon Dynamite… Enough Said.

jon heder signed autograph poster rare hot

#8 Jesse Eisenberg

I hear he is a pretty tough name In Person. Once again, I am not 100 percent of its authenticity, but it’s pretty cool to get Columbus from Zombieland. He was also amazing in the Social Network. Eisenberg in the last couple years has been known as a good Via Venue signer, IP on the other hand is an entirely different story.

jessie eisenburg signed autograph social network poster rare

#7 Robert Patrick

T100: Bad Ass Mother$%#@^! I had sent to him five times before getting a return. It was probably the only time where writing a good letter didn’t pay off. Once I got him In Person, I got one of my TTMs back.

robert patrick signed autograph photo rare T2

#6 Nolan Ryan

Legendary Hall of Fame Baseball Pitcher! After trying multiple times to get an item signed, I sent to a personal address and after waiting a year or so, It came back with the Nolan Ryan authenticity seal.

Nolan Ryan signed autograph baseball card rare

#5 Olivia Newton John

While I am not positive of the authenticity, I do know this took a couple years to get back… If it’s real, it is an awesome addition to the collection. I am sure Mike is stoked to have the chance to add to his Xanadu collection.

olivia newton john signed grease photo rare Nolan Ryan signed autograph baseball card rare

#4 Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks

Legends of comedy! I know many TTMers who have tried to get Mel Brooks through the mail. While some succeed, most never get a response, and when they do, you receive a pre-print. I sent the request off hoping that one of them would sign it, came back with both!

carl reiner mel books signed autograph photo

#3 Ian McKellan

Gandalf! Who doesn’t love Ian McKellan? I am so happy to finally add him to the collection. After trying multiple times throughout the years, I finally received a return within the last couple months… He is very hit and miss, so I feel blessed.

ian mckellan signed autograph rare

#2 Daniel Craig

A wonderful smeared DC! Hell, it’s better than nothing! So glad that he takes the time to scribble something on requests. I commend him for doing so… He is the current James Bond. He will go down in cinematic history along with all those that played the character before him.

daniel craig signed autograph photo james bond 007

#1 Julie Andrews

I had tried for her several times In Person… it wasn’t going to happen. As soon as I found out that she had an upcoming book, I sent the book to a personal address. After maybe a year, I got the book back signed. She is pretty tough to get in general, and I have no doubt in my mind that the autograph is authentic.

Julie Andrews signed autograph book

DONE! My Top for 2013!
Well, I hope you enjoyed this recap guys…

Now, remember, there is always a graphing opportunity out there… You just have to find it.

I wish you all the best in 2014!

Until Next time,

Ace, the Autograph Addict

If you have questions, concerns, Ideas…

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