True Blood Goes To The Movies! Alexander Skarsgard In Straw Dogs And Ryan Kwanten In Griff The Invisible! New Movie Posters!

Wow, a couple True Blood boys have movies coming out! They are all grown up! Lol… None other than Mr. Eric Northman AKA Alexander Skarsgard has the remake Straw Dogs with Kate Bosworth and James Marsden.

The poster is almost identical to the original with Dustin Hoffman and I love that nod to the past. The new one has the added benefit of having Alexander Skarsgard in the reflection of the glasses. straw dogs 2011 remake official one sheet movie poster alexander skarsgard kate bosworth james marsden rare true blood sexy hot rules of attraction modern family superman returns cyclopsAnd having Alexander Skarsgard on anything is always a good thing.
dustin hoffman in the original straw dogs one sheet movie poster rare original promo hot one sheet movie poster meet the fockers rain man kramer vs kramer promo
Then Jason Stackhouse AKA Ryan Kwanten has the indie feature Griff The Invisible. I love this poster it’s adorable! They made Ryan Kwanten look like a dork, and let me tell you, that’s no small feat!
griff the invisible rare one sheet movie poster rare promo ryan kwanten true blood hot sexy promo poster jason stackhouse season 4 promo rare hot sexy shirtless superhero
All you True Blood fans keep an eye out for both films coming out this summer!

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