TTM Tues! In Person Memories Meeting Don Rickles! Plus Addresses For The Stars Of Psycho! Scream 2! Chocolate! And More!

They say never meet your heroes. I would usually agree (and I have a story about meeting a nasty, nasty celebrity), but there are those times when you meet your hero and they far exceed your wildest dreams. This was the case with the late and great Don Rickles- the funniest and greatest comedian of all time.

My story is rather long so I am going to give you the condensed version for time. I have been a fan of Rickles for as long as I can remember. His quick wit, iconic one-liners and arsenal of insults are legendary and provided me with the laughs my entire life. To say he was my hero was an understatement. When my dad was in his final stages of cancer we would watch Don’s videos online and laugh. We even made it a goal to go together to see Don live. Unfortunately, dad passed away before that could happen.

In 2012 it was announced that Don was coming to Oregon for a show. I had to meet him and it was important for me to share with him what his comedy meant to me, and to my dad. Well, that dream came true and I had a private one on one with Don in his dressing room before the show. Drink in hand and In typical Rickles fashion, he insulted me from the get go. We shared a moment, shared a laugh, took a photo and he ended the moment by signing my photo. It was by far one of the single greatest moments of my life and one I’ll never forget. To have someone of his legendary status spend a few minutes with a fan spoke volumes about his character. I look at the photo and autograph often as a reminder that dreams can come true. For this fan-boy I guess I’d say if you can- meet your heroes!

This week has been busy with returns. I hope you are ready to send out your requests, because the stars are aligned:

Vera Miles
PO Box 1599
Palm Desert, CA 92261-1599

Brenda Lee
306 Elberta St.
Nashville, TN. 37210-4930

Jerry O’Connell
A Soldier’s Play
Roundabout Theatre Company
At American Airlines Theatre
227 W. 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

Lily Tomlin
3950 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Unit 1706
Studio City, CA 91614-7053

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford Productions, Inc.
2401 Main St,
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Phil Collins
c/o Philip Collins Ltd
25 Ives Street,
London SW3 2ND,

Judi Dench
Julian Belfrage Associates
3rd Floor, 9 Argyll Street
London W1F 7TG
United Kingdom

John Larroquette
1220 Main St.
Suite 400
Vancouver WA 98660-2963

Emma Roberts
c/o Sweeney Entertainment
1601 Vine Street
6th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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