TTM Tues! Spook-tacular Autographs From Horror Hits! The Thing! Nightmare On Elm Street! Saw V! Gremlins! Pet Semetary! And More!

Hello again TTM Nation and Happy Halloween! TTM Troy here with some scary-good addresses for you to try this year – or any time of the year for that matter! Today’s addresses all involve Halloween or scary movies/tv shows in one way or another.  Hope you enjoy and good luck!

When you think of scary movies and TTMs, this director is usually at the top of the list! From the Halloween film franchise to They Live and tons of projects in-between, John Carpenter continues to be a great signer!

John Carpenter

c/o Storm King Productions

8033 W. Sunset Blvd. #1044

Hollywood, CA 90046

John Carpenter Golden Apple Book signing 2017 13

This actor may take a little while to return your TTM, but it does usually come back. This is surprising since not only does he do conventions all around the world, he also sells autographs on his web site. According to reports, he only signs one item – ever – per person, so I would recommend only sending one things. No other introduction is needed other than Freddy himself – Mr. Robert Englund!

Robert Englund

1616 Santa Cruz St.

Laguna Beach, CA 92651-3350

robert englund signing autographs Wondercon Cleveland4

Seeking of Freddy, in addition to Nightmare on Elm Street 2, this actor appeared in Weird Science, Sometimes They Come Back and Vamp – in addition to being a season regular on Babylon 5 for a season. More recently he appeared in Blood Feast and Tales of Halloween – Robert Rusler!

Robert Rusler

C/o Acting Out Management

1999 Avenue Of The Stars, Suite 1100

Los Angeles, CA 90067

This actor got his start in film early as Gage in Pet Semetary, then later appeared in Spawn and We Craven’s New Nightmare.  Miko Hughes!

Miko Hughes

C/o Beal Talent & Associates

8300 Tampa Avenue, Suite K

Northridge, CA 91324


This director has helmed some of my favorite films including Explorers, Small Soldiers, episodes of Eerie Indiana and Amazing Stories – plus the great film Gremlins. Mr Joe Dante!

Joe Dante

C/O Renfield Productions

1041 N. Formosa Avenue

Writer’s Building, Suite 321

West Hollywood, CA 90046-6703
Joe Dante Gremlins star now 2016 rare 2

This actor appeared in Saw IV, V and VI, as well as the non-frightening 90s hit Little Big League.   You may also know him as Luke from the series Gilmore Girls and as Gary on the TV series Aliens on America – Mr. Scott Patterson!

Scott Patterson

C/o Grandview

7122 Beverly Blvd.Suite F

Los Angeles, CA 90036-2572

This actress was featured as Mary on the TV series Taken, and also appeared on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Without a Trace. But it was her performance in a low-budget film called The Blair Witch Project that rocketed her to stardom – Ms. Heather Donahue!

Heather Donahue

c/o Penguin Group, Inc.

375 Hudson Street

New York, NY 10014

And finally this week, she played a mild mannered marine biologist in Star Trek IV, and an almost-perfect mom on 7th Heaven, but in 1988 we got the first look at Chucky in the original Child’s Play. Playing Karen Barclay – Ms. Catherine Hicks!

Catherine Hicks
Silver Massetti & Szatmary Agency

8383 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 230

Beverly Hills, CA 90211

childs-play Catherine Hicks

That’s our addresses for this week, everyone! May your mailboxes be full and your stamps Forever!

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