TV Heartbeat! Renewals! Cancellations! Almost Human Debuts! Hugh Jackman On Television! And More!

The Heartbeat keeps on beating! Erica has all the scoop on the television scene! More cancellations! Renewals, and tons of scoop.

There are some premiere’s this week as well… It’s all kinds of television mayhem!

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What’s happening now? Sweeps are in swing! It’s one of the four times of the year where the show’s ratings are used to help classify advertiser rates. Ergo, this is the time when shows pull out all the stops to bring in viewers. Lucky us!

Among the events this week?

Thursday: Ground Floor (TBS), Parks and Recreation (NBC)
Friday: Raising Hope (Fox), Oklahoma! (PBS)
Saturday: Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth (HBO)
Sunday: Almost Human (Fox)
Monday: Almost Human (Fox)
Tuesday: Agents of SHIELD (ABC)

Almost Human makes its 2 night debut on Sunday and Monday! Finally! Staring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy, the show looks like a fun, futuristic Robocop buddy show.


TBS continues to launch original comedies and Ground Floor is the latest from the network. Ground Floor stars Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect) as a fancy schmancy banker who falls for one of the office building’s support staff. Cable folks can view the premiere on demand early if you just can’t wait until Thursday…

Ground Floor cast photo season 1

So while we have a handful of debuts this week, there are some interesting happenings on other shows…

Did you watch Thor: The Dark World this weekend? Well for the handful of folks who didn’t, you have one more weekend to catch the fun popcorn flick before the story on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. picks up on the aftermath of the movie. Too bad Thor himself isn’t expected to show up with Meow-Meow.


Tatiana Maslany is back on Parks and Rec! Yes, the Orphan Black phenom returns to Pawnee for another episode. Enjoy seeing a lighter side of this amazing actress since we have to wait until April to see season 2 of Orphan Black.

Parks and Rec - Tati

Hugh Jackman on TV! Before he was Wolverine, he was a singing cowboy with a perm. But no, really, he’s great! Hugh Jackman was playing the lead in a glorious Oklahoma! revival in London when he got the call to audition for Wolverine… and the rest is Marvel history! A classic musical in a vibrant production, Hugh shines in this show which was taped live in London. If you’ve never seen Hugh Jackman on stage, you’re missing out since that’s really his natural medium. Seeing this taping of Oklahoma! is just about the next best thing so make sure you tune in!

Oklahoma hugh jackman photo

And speaking of stage shows taped for viewing, Mike Tyson’s one man show will be on HBO this weekend. While I didn’t catch this show on stage, it was actually well reviewed (who’d have thought?) so it should make for interesting viewing.


BTW – Did anyone catch the Arrow Blood Rush webisode during last week’s broadcast? If you missed it, you can view it online and also enter to win a trip to visit the Arrow set in Vancouver!

arrow-blood-rush press promo still photo stephen amell rare

Health check in Well, I think we all need to observe a moment of silence for the passing of a legend (again). Iconic soap opera All My Children was cancelled last year and found a new home online. Unfortunately, that lease is up a year early and this time the cancellation is permanent. Say goodbye to 43 years of backstabbing, evil twins, the first legal abortion on American TV, bombs and general mayhem. Say goodbye to the cast which included the legendary Susan Lucci (whose character is my namesake – yes, I’m named after a soap opera villain!) and also Sarah Michelle Gellar, Josh Duhamel, Melissa Leo, Amanda Seyfried, Christian Slater and Carol Burnett. Farewell AMC!

all-my-children-2013-xl-02 cast photo rare

And as that door/browser window closes, another one stays open as The CW gave a full season order to all of its freshman dramas! Yes, we’ll continue to see more of The Originals and The Tomorrow People and (my favorite of the bunch) Reign through May. Yeah!

reign cast photo promo hot

To no one’s surprise, Downton Abbey and American Horror Story have been renewed for the next year. Downton Abbey season 4 will begin on PBS in January (it’s airing in the UK now). American Horror Story: Coven recently announced that Stevie Nicks has agreed to guest star on the show this season! Let’s see if she’ll be herself, a witch or whatever else the twisted/talented writers can come up with.

TV Heartbeat check up chart 11-13

So not a bad week on TV ahead! Stay tuned as we have some previews of really exciting new shows coming up!

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