Underworld Madness! Kate Beckinsale Is Back For The Fifth Movie! A New Director Has Been Named! And More!

Woo Hoo!

The best news I’ve heard all day is that Kate Beckinsale is back in the fifth… Yes FIFTH Underworld film!

Now, I love Underworld, I love vampires vs. werewolves Underworld, I love flashback Underworld, I even love blue hybrid vampire-thingy Underworld. Love it all. BUT… I love my some Kate Beckinsale in skintight black pleather Underworld.

underworld_awakening_ver2 one sheet movie poster kate beckinsale promo hot sexy black leather cat suit hottie rare

Len Wiseman hinted that Kate might be back for more and now we have the official green light, Empire reports.

Theo James is also back (contractually he signed on for at least two films) and the new film is expected to continue the search for Michael.

underworld awakening rare promo one sheet movie poster promo hot sexy kate beckinsale selene

The new director is Anna Foerster who did second unit with Roland Emmerich and has been directing Criminal Minds and Outlander.

Personally, I think it’s going to be interesting to see an Underworld film with a female director. I’m really interested to see what she brings to the project.

Rock on!

sexy kate beckinsale signing autographs eva longoria 14

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