Vikings Season Three Episode 10 Recap! The Dead! Season Finale! Ragnar’s Illness! Betrayals Revealed! Secrets! And More!

The season three finale of Vikings was another one for the books, I have to tell you, it was pretty remarkable, this season as a whole was spectacular! First rate write and acting as we’ve come to expect from the series for sure!

During the finale, there were plot twists, and an interesting shocker of an ending that I’m not really sure what to make of to be honest.

Anushika has a great recap! Check it out below!

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Vikings: S3E10 “The Dead”

The episode opens with the Franks paying their ransom. Rollo visits Ragnar with the good news, but Ragnar is in a state where any amount of treasure holds no meaning. Safe to say he is at peace with the grave situation; “I am dying. But at least I know I will see Athelstan again.”

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Bewildered by Ragnar’s decision to get baptized, everyone is still digesting what they saw on the riverbed. They are in denial, pain and anger. Needless to say that the feeling of betrayal is mutual among all the Viking leaders. Athelstan is blamed for leading Ragnar this path. All aboard on Floki’s “Blame the Priest” boat.

Meanwhile inside the Chapel, the Franks celebrate their “Victory” over the Northman. Princess Gisla is far from pleased about the whole ordeal. In the spirit of celebration, Count Odo makes his move on the Princess yet again, but gets shot down immediately. However, his charms seem to have worked on someone else. One of his admirers comes forth and requests his company; “Please, allow me to demonstrate my gratitude.” Oh the French. They really know how to talk dirty.

Emperor Charles is such a faint-hearted drama queen. His attempt to disguise the reality smacks him in the face when Princess Gisla questions his definition of “Victory”. He flees at the sight of any confrontation, even when it comes to his own daughter. How did he ever mange to grab that throne?

Princess Gisla (MORGANE POLANSKI) and Emperor Charles (LOTHAIRE BLUTEAU) vikings season 3 finale

Not too far away, all the Viking warriors are enjoying their own celebration with their new found spoils. Floki tries to reconcile things between and him and Helga, but fails as she is still disturbed by his act of cruelty. Alone in the tent, Bjorn and Ragnar have a heart to heart about their future. Ragnar advices Bjorn, “You must lead with your head, not with your heart”. Strange coming from someone who is emotionally invested as we speak. Surely one of those “Do as I say, not as I do” moments with Ragnar. Meanwhile, Rollo isolates himself from the rest as he stares into Paris. The battle might be over, but he is definitely not through.

Count Odo finally gets some action. Well, not in the conventional sense, but he definitely scores. His admirer is more than willing to gain and keep his interest in her. Even though he has his eyes set on Princess Gisla, what man would turn down a woman who is willing to do anything to please you? Count Odo leads her down a dark tunnel to his version of the “Red Room”. Yup, all you 50 Shades of Gray fans know exactly what I’m talking about. Kinky indeed! He is a prominent figure with such power. I guess Count Odo lacks the ultimate control he desperately seeks even though he is in command of the entire Frankian army. His admirer grants him total submission as he claims, “It would keep my interest undoubtedly”. Such a tool!

Surprisingly, on a much more disturbing note, Helga approaches Floki in the woods making Ragnar his “One last boat”. This is certainly a task carried out with a heavy heart.

Princess Gisla (MORGANE POLANSKI) and Emperor Charles (LOTHAIRE BLUTEAU) vikings season 3 finale

Concerns are raised when the Franks notices the presence of the Vikings army still on their banks. In hopes of getting answers, Count Odo pays them a visit. When questioned about their prolonged stay, Bjorn steps up and reveals the nature of Ragnar’s unfortunate condition and requests them to full fil his father’s last dying wish. Ragnar wishes to receive a proper Christian burial. Upon inspection, Count Odo agrees to honor Ragnar’s last wish by granting them access to the Cathedral to perform a Christian mass for his soul.

We’ve seen Ragnar suffer immensely over the last couple episodes, but knowing him we imagined him to bounce right back up. So you could imagine my shock when I see Bjorn shutting the casket with Ragnar in it. Nope! This is NOT happening. He can’t just die like that. Vikings fans have lost way too much this season and this would be a heartless act on Michael Hirst’s part. After a brief panic attack, I resume to watch the episode. Things just kept getting worse and Ragnar’s death seems real by the minute. One by one Lagertha, Rollo and Floki says their goodbyes; some definitely more heart-felt than others. No surprise in Floki’s bitterness as he is now been failed by his Gods and Ragnar. “I made the boat that took you to fame. I made the boat that will take you to your heaven”. He has lost everything that gave him a sense of meaning to his life. Floki goes on to say, “I hate you Ragnar Lothbrok and I love you with all my heart” Poor Floki. His humanity and transparency almost makes me forget his deed against Athelstan. ALMOST! Is it me, or did he sound like a deranged ex-girlfriend? He was definitely going through the emotions. Maybe the one affected most by Ragnar’s departure.

After the grim moment of silence, drums, chants and dancers accompany King Ragnar’s body towards the great Frankian gates. Once at the entrance, the warriors carrying Ragnar’s body proceed as the rest of the mourners stay behind. Ragnar’s body is carried through the streets of Paris and just as the Seer promised, a dead man did conquer Paris. His lifeless body finally managed to penetrate the walls in to the big city.

The mass is carried in the Cathedral. The entire time I was just waiting for Ragnar to jump out of that casket and let me tell you, he did not disappoint. The casket lid flies out as soon as the priest starts the mass. YES!!! I doubt this was a total shocker for any fan, we all saw this coming from the very beginning, yet the sight of the closed casket was unnerving. Feeble Ragnar waddles inside the casket like Captain Jack Sparrow for a bit before jumping off of it.

Even though he went straight to the Emperors neck, the priest took the blow. It truly showed where the real power lies in Paris. Not with their Emperor Charles, but with their faith and religion. Of course Princess Gisla’s attempt to attack Ragnar was almost amusing. We could appreciate her bravery, but her throat runs right into Ragnar’s hands. As she gets dragged out by Ragnar to ensure safe passage out of the city walls, her father collapse to the ground while Count Odo freezes in place helpless. Well that’s unfortunate.

Princess Gisla (MORGANE POLANSKI) and Emperor Charles (LOTHAIRE BLUTEAU) vikings season 3 finale

The gates are opened to an awaiting Viking army. Dumbstruck Princess Gisla was unable to move even after her release until Ragnar gave her a little push. Yup, literally. Bjorn is Ragnar’s strength and he was the only one trusted upon to carry out this mission. Vikings raise havoc inside the walls and raid every inch of the city.

Lagertha and the rest of the gang feels betrayed yet again. As if the bond of trust is nonexistence. They are constantly left behind in the dark. Bjorn steps up to his plate and take charge of the whole situation. After raiding Paris and gaining more than enough spoils, they finally head home. Paris will be safe at least until spring. Bjorn suggests some should stay behind to maintain a presence. Without any hesitation, Rollo volunteers to stay behind while the rest head back to Kattegat. It makes sense since there’s really no one awaiting his arrival back in Kattegat anymore.

Sticking to the stereotypes, Emperor Charles and Princess Gisla discusses their next move over some scrumptious nails. Realizing their desperation, the Emperor has sent for help from his brothers. Regrettably no aid will be heading their way anytime soon. To avoid complete destruction of Paris, Emperor Charles arrives at a difficult solution to ensure their safety. He has decided to give Princess Gisla’s hand in marriage to Rollo. Wait what?

The proposal is brought to Rollo. Along with Princess Gisla’s hand in marriage, he will be honored as a Duke. It all seems too good to be true. Yup, there’s a catch. In return Rollo has to fight to defend Paris from his brother Ragnar. Déjà vu indeed! Oh Rollo, let’s not repeat history all over again. He regained his place and trust with Ragnar and advanced into being a true commanding leader. Let’s hope he won’t dismiss all that so easily.

Rollo enters the great hall. As the Emperor introduces his daughter, enraged Princess Gisla explodes with quite harsh words towards Rollo. She is repulsed by the very thought of getting married to Rollo. Moreover, she sees him more of a beast than a man and claims she would rather die than suffer through this marriage. Outch! Sinric couldn’t even begin to translate all this hatred to Rollo who stood there without the slightest clue. After looking completely dumbfounded, he mutters what seem to be the only Frankian words he knew, “Hello!” You can’t help but laugh. Poor Rollo!

The boats are on their way back to Kattegat. The season concludes with Ragnar revealing the chilling truth he has been masking to Floki; “You killed Athelstan”. If I was Floki, that’s the last thing I would want to hear from Ragnar stuck in a boat in the middle of the sea late at night. Oy vey!

Wow! I can’t believe season 3 is done. It was totally an amazing season with more than enough shockers and heartaches. I have no idea what I’ll do to fill the void. Until next season, may Odin smile upon you! =)

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