Colony Season One Episode One Review And Recap! Anushika Spills On The New USA Series!

The season opens with Will played by Josh Holloway making breakfast for his two kids. While fooling around he accidently drops one of the eggs and gets pretty upset as if that was the last egg in existence. Since their omelet got scrambled before hitting the pan, they all opt for some cold cereal. His wife Katie played by the lovely Sarah Callies walks in and stares at a family photo; so they have three children. The family looks so normal, yet something is quite off. We pan over to the breakfast table and they are clearly missing one of their sons. Is he dead or missing, we have no clue at the moment. The son goes out to pick a few oranges and we get a glimpse of their security system; a tad bit intense for a nice looking neighborhood.


Will heads out to work and we see a military tank pass by on a pretty empty road. Strange to say the least since LA is notorious for their never ending traffic. At work they talk about where they want to go “after this is all over”. At this point we don’t know what “this” means. One of the workers seemed distracted; his brother got sent up to the factory. Not sure what this factory does, but it sounds like really bad news. They go on to talk about getting separated from family and friends as if a great migration took place recently. Will goes out on a routine fuel cell delivery, but it feels more like a mission. For some reason, all the cars have disappeared from the LA streets. Bikes have taken their place instead. He goes through a checkpoint where his ID is scanned. Fortunately he is cleared to proceed to the Santa Monica gateway.

Once at the gateway, he meets up with his contact to swap IDs. Will receives a Santa Monica ID in hopes of crossing over to the other side. They hide inside a refrigerator unit to smuggle themselves across the LA border. I guess you can’t leave your designated areas. We find out that Will and the family got separated from their son during their arrival. Will is heading to Santa Monica in hopes of finding him. The truck arrives at a massive wall separating the two cities. Upon arrival, they go through a security check and scan. The drivers change from LA to Santa Monica drivers. They survive the scan undetected and just when they were about to get through, a bomb explodes the truck into bits and pieces.

COLONY -- "Pilot" Episode 101 -- Pictured: (l-r) -- (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/USA Network)

By now we’ve established that Will is a total badass. He walks out of the wreck with just a scratch on his face. Anyone who could just walk away from an explosion has to be human +. Unfortunately, he gets instantly surrounded by soldiers and drones. Is this the result of highly advanced military technology or is the city under attack by an alien race? Will ends up in holding area that looks awfully like a concentration camp.

Katie takes a bike ride with her dog and stops by a huge wall covered in pictures of missing family members and friends. So it’s safe to assume something major went down in southern California. Maybe it’s the whole world. Who knows, at this instant there are so many unanswered questions. Even though the city gives out a war torn vibe, the streets are just as beautiful without any signs of post battle wreckage. There are people in cafes going on about their “normal” life.


An armored car suddenly shows up to take away a man from a café and everyone freezes in place. Looking at people’s lack of reaction tells us that it’s a common occurrence. The city continues to feel weirder by minute. Everyone carries out as if nothing happened. Katie moves on to visit what looks like a clinic. She goes in to buy insulin. Trading goods are back in style since money seems to be obsolete. The transaction goes sour when she ends up getting shitty insulin. Don’t let her soft braid fool you, Katie pull out a gun to get back her bottle of booze. She leaves the premise in once piece.

At school Katie’s son trades food with the oranges he picked that morning. The friendly market gets disturbed when the high school bully drops by. Of course, there’s always a bully. Surprisingly, he doesn’t give into the bully’s demands and ends up giving him a bloody nose. Way to go kid!

Back at home everyone worries when Will doesn’t come back home from work. Katie goes out in search of him. After not getting much out of his coworker, she heads back. Apparently there’s a nightly curfew. She fails to get home before the curfew. Sirens and drones scan the streets of LA. She abandons her bike to hide under a tank. She witnesses yet another man getting dragged by the soldiers. The drones and the tank take off leaving her behind on the floor. Katie makes it back home.

USA Colony josh holloway

The following day she meets up with a friend to find any possible information about her missing husband. While he checked with his own contacts, he urged her to check out the hospital. The chaos in the hospital is the closest thing to a war we see in the city. The news about the border explosion reaches Katie. We hear “homeland” and “the occupation”, yet we haven’t the slightest clue about their true identity. Nevertheless, there seems to be a resistance fighting against them; the same rebels behind the deadly explosion.

Katie wanders off to look for Will and the storage room catches her attention. She snatches the entire supply of insulin. After failing to find Will, Katie leaves the hospital to call her contact to find out about the “party”. Someone is not so innocent. Katie is clearly part of the resistance. At least now she has an idea about Will’s location granted that he survived the fatal explosion.

colony episode one recap 1

Meanwhile, Will chills back at the holding camp. The soldiers aka the Red Caps patrols the cell looking for Will Bowman. I’m assuming Will changed his last name to Sullivan to go underground and disappear after the incident. He finally lost his cover. They arrive at a pretty lavish party; the VIP section of town. Captain Lagarza takes him over to meet Alan Snyder, the Proxy Governor. He is interested in taking Will in to collaborate with them to hunt down the resistance. After a drink and a show, Snyder tries to really “convince” Will to join forces. Oh yeah, if not all his family will get sent to this infamous factory.

The red hats arrive at Katie’s doorstep. Just when they were about to flee, she sees Will walking towards the house. He is back. Everyone is beyond relieved and thrilled to see him back. He lies about the incident and tries to set all at ease. It doesn’t take too long for him to get his “welcome home” gift. Will shares the truth with Katie, but she is not too thrilled about his consideration to collaborate.

Will and Katie wakes up to the smell of bacon. Snyder is cooking them breakfast. A nice change from, “I’m going to send you all to the factory” to “hey, let’s have some breakfast”. He succeeded in his pursue by giving the Bowman’s a taste of what to expect if they collaborated. Snyder continues by convincing them that this situation is merely temporary and that the “hosts” will leave once their needs are met. He sweetens the deal by offering Katie the chance to reopen up her business. Will agrees to their terms on one more condition; he wants them to find his lost son.

colony episode one recap 1

Katie keeps on surprising us. After dropping a few more code conversations, we find out how deep she is in with the resistance. This is Mr. and Mrs. Smith all over again; “You have someone on the inside.” She plans on using Will to her advantage to aid the resistance. This will be interesting. Which side would you choose? Would you collaborate or resist the occupation?

Until next week, Geronimo!

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