Vin Diesel is Awesome to CB and Signs All His Stuff Fast and Furious Like!

Vin Diesel signed autograph rare the pacifier fast and furious five 5 rare sexy hot fender the pacifier

I admire enthusiasm, I really do, sigh… So, when CB says something like “There are only three people I hold higher than Vin Diesel… Paul Walker, Johnny Depp and Christian Bale.” I just sit back and say to myself… Paul Walker? Only three? But I digress, I know what a huge fan of the Fast and Furious Films CB is, so I give him a pass… If he gets a Pacifier poster signed though, it’s all over… I will make fun of him for decades… And yes, I’ve plotted that out! Lol…

Take a look at CB’s over enthusiastic report below!

NANANANANANANANAN CB, CB, CB! Your favorite contributor is back in action. Today, I am going for the awesome, talented, kick ass actor Vin Diesel.

(Editor’s Note: While we appreciate his enthusiasm Mikethefanboy takes no responsibility for CB’s favorites, his taste in movies, his taste in actors, or any of the below or above! M-)

He was in Saving Private Ryan, Boiler Room (one of my favorite movies), Pitch Black, Fast Furious 1 and 4, XxX, and The Pacifier. Go see A Man Apart, it was great. (CB Note: Go see Fast Five TOO!) He’s doing a television show appearance and I hold him up there with my top five favorites. There are only three people I hold higher than Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. I have this poster from Fast Four and my DVD cover from Fast and Furious that I got Michelle Rodriguez to sign at the Battle LA premiere, so I’m trying to get him to sign those two items. I also have a picture. Anyways, I’m armed and ready to roll. Click in your seat belt and hold tight for the action packed write up that is CB….When Vin Diesel does push-ups, he actually pushes the earth down! If you spell Vin Diesel backwards you get Vin Diesel. IF you get LESEID NIV you did it wrong!

(Editor’s Note: I have so many comments I just can’t write them down, I just… God bless CB! LOL… M-)

3:00: OMG IT’S HOT! It’s freaking hot…sooooooo hot… I’m burning, burning…

3:50: We See Vin Diesel’s SUV and he’s running late, and goes right in. Dang it! Have to wait in the blistering heat!

4:30: Water, water. I’m so thirsty…

5:30: Vin Diesel is leaving. God, I hope he stops. I’m feeling like a rotisserie chicken. We patiently wait for his limo to roll up, and guess what, he pulls right over, rolls the window down and says, “HI GUYS!”

vin diesel sigend autograph friendly fan pitch black fast and furious rare hot sexy muscle car the pacifier disney fast five

Such a nice guy. I’m a genuine fan and he really liked hearing what I had to say. He took the time out to sign my poster, DVD cover and photo.

vin diesel pitch black fast five signed autograph rare fast and furious rare fan friendly hot sexy muscle rare cars talk show

I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Thanks Vin Diesel and go See Fast FIVE! Until next time, same CB hour, same CB channel and same CB blog. KAPPOOOOW!
vin diesel hand signed rare autograph photo photograph fast five fast and furious five dvd cover poster mini michelle rodriguez paul walker rare

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