Karalee Meets One Of Her Top People Ever! Former Tonight Show Intern Ross Mathews! Autographs! Photos! Sign Wielding Madness!

I love Karalee!

She is quite simply, in a word awesome and not just cause she went to the Star Trek Into Darkness movie premiere for me and Billy. No, Karalee is just like us dorky guys. She finds people she loves and just loves them, with about abandon.

And I applaud it!

The subject of todays fandom… Ross Mathews! Author, former Tonight Show intern and Chelsea Lately panelist.
Karalee loves him! Like… I’m making a sign and geeking out loves!

Check out her full report below!



The beach. Discounted designer shoes. My sister’s laugh.

All things I love and adore.

Also near the top of that list: Ross Mathews.

Yes, the high-pitched former intern from “The Tonight Show” hooked me more than a decade ago with his infectious laugh, quippy sense of humor and, most of all, his genuine enthusiasm for all things celebrity and entertainment.

ross mathew rare promo headshot tonight show intern chelsea lately guest talk show host

Over the years, his career has blossomed, including red carpet gigs for E! and serving as a featured panelist on “Chelsea Lately.” In May, fans scooped up his book, Man Up! Tales of My Delusional Self-Confidence — making it the best-selling pre-order in the history of Target online. (Side note: I haven’t laughed out loud more while reading a book since Tina Fey’s Bossypants.)

And this fall, the Mathews Mayhem will kick into high gear with the debut of his very own talk show, “Hello Ross” on E! According to reports, it will be an interactive talk show with a strong pop culture focus. (Um, hi, yes please! And how can I get front-row tickets? Actually, better yet, backstage passes?)

ross mathew rare promo headshot tonight show intern chelsea lately guest talk show host

He’s real-deal hilarious, talks straight from the shimmying hip and has a grin that lights up, well, hearts across America. I realize that may come off as a tad corny, but I have to say that for me, and several others I know, Ross provides something that is much-needed universally…and that’s joy. Just sheer, delightful joy.

When I found out Ross was going to be making a talk show appearance (one guess which one), I knew I had to try and meet him. The Fanboy Family was supportive in my quest.

Shortly after I arrive, I’m joined by Billy Beers. He’s hoping to get the other night’s guest Miranda Lambert. Though he mentions later that he really just came to provide some support so I wasn’t alone on this very hot day. Very sweet.

(Editor’s Note: Awwwwwwwwww Billy is adorable! M-)

And appreciated. (Sadly, we somehow missed Miranda. Either she exited out a different way or the presidentially-tinted out van was in no mood to stop.)

I’ve got my copy of Ross’ book in one hand and my handmade sign in the other. Oh, wait…did I not mention I made a sign?

Karalee's sign for Ross Mathews to stop

What can I say? I really wanted to meet Ross!

The audience has filed out at this point, and we’re now just trying to determine which car Ross will be in. It’s starting to get a little late and the sun is roasting us, but I still have hope. And, sure enough, here comes a silver BMW…and look who’s driving…and rolling down his driver-side window…it’s Ross!!!!

“Hiiii!!!” he says, waving and giving me the biggest grin. He said he heard I’d be there and was touched I’d waited. I go up to the car and he happily signs my book, even personalizing it — hand-drawn balloon = BONUS!

ross mathews signed autograph book novel rare Karalee's sign for Ross Mathews to stop

I tell him how much I adore him and ask if I can get a picture too. To which he, of course because he’s awesome, said yes.

I thanked him again, bringing my mini fawning love fest to a close. He drove off, likely to prep for his one-man comedy show later that night at an L.A. theater. The exchange lasted maybe three minutes. But it made my day and then some.

ross mathews signed autograph book novel rare Karalee's sign for Ross Mathews to stop

Ross: If by some chance you see this, just know I’m so appreciative that you took the time out to stop. You were so kind, so sweet and I truly hope our paths cross again. Because I can never have too many photo opps with one of my absolute faves! Let’s do brunch! Call me! 

Ross Mathews signing autographs for fans photo rare promo hot ross mathews signed autograph book novel rare Karalee's sign for Ross Mathews to stop

Thanks for letting me share… catch ya on the flip side!

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