Virtual Conventions! Fanboys and Fandom Go Digital

For entertainment buffs and regular convention attendees, this has been an extremely frustrating year with constant cancellations and postponements. Recently, the San Diego Comic Convention cancelled the 2020 con while most other conventions are struggling shuffling schedules around trying to accommodate fans and figure out a solution. Luckily, the concept of virtual conventions seems to be catching on.

I first heard about a “digital convention” after the Lexington Comic Con initially got delayed (now June 18-21, 2020) since I follow Alan Ritchson (“Blue Mountain State”) on Instagram and he was promoting virtual meet and greets for a virtual convention to take place in the meantime. Through my love of “Blue Mountain State,” which is hands down Top 5 all-time comedy show for me, I discovered VirtuCon Presented by Alliance Agency, was conducting a digital convention with various celebrities including a virtual reunion with Romanski, Darin Brooks, Ed Mariano, and Sam Jones III. Besides the BMS cast, VirtuCon has other entertainment celebrities including the cast of “Terrifier,” “Power Rangers,” “Halloween,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Child’s Play,” “Game of Thrones,” “Jem and The Holograms,” etc. during May 15 through May 17, 2020, which allows fans to attend Q&As, digital meet & greets, and obtain autographs. This got me thinking, who else is doing this to appease fanboys’ appetites for conventions?
Sure Cameo allows fans to purchase a pre-recorded message, but considering comedic bits by David Spade on “Lights Out” they do tend to be a mixed bag. Starting tomorrow Wizard World will be conducting virtual experiences with cast members from “Outlander,” “Grimm,” “The Boys” and plenty more with live chats, video recorded messages, and autograph options available. Another upcoming show brought to my attention is the Virtual Pop Expo, happening May 9 and 10 and is advertised “to be an integrated online fan experience featuring exciting panels, Q&A’s and celebrity appearances, as well as interactive gaming rooms, online happy hours, and a cosplay ‘ball’” with details being added daily.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, countless conventions, exhibitors and artists are being inspired to remain positive and still give fans the opportunities to celebrate their fandom. Even autograph mail orders and pre-orders services are being impacted, including the highly anticipated Brendan Fraser private signing with LeeLoo Multiprops, but LeeLoo is doing regular auctions on social media as are countless others offering cool deals to satisfy your entertainment needs. Zobie Productions is doing daily sales and has cool pre-orders where you can get an autograph with a personalized video from Judge Reinhold, Rachel Leigh Cook, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and more! Just make sure you explore your favorite promoters’ websites and see what they’re offering.

Right now is an extraordinary time for collecting and fandom, but don’t be discouraged. Go on social media and see what’s out there. Just because your favorite convention got cancelled doesn’t mean you still can’t show support and order items online. Most vendors, artists and guests are finding ways to still connect plus you don’t have to worry about traffic or deal with crazy crowds sweating up a storm. Supporting local and small businesses while enjoying your favorite fanboy activities really is a win-win for everyone. Stay safe and enjoy!


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