X-Men Apocalypse Possible Spoilers From Days Of Future Past! Michael Fassbender Goodness!

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Once Bryan Singer tweeted the following “X-Men: Apocalypse”, the internet went crazy! Seemingly the next chapter in the X-Men franchise after Days of Future Past hits theaters next year, people have been wondering what’s this mean and what’s going to happen.

Spoiler Alert!

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Well, rumors started flying about an end credits scene in Days of Future Past where an alien comes to earth and finds Magneto, giving him all kinds of super human powers.

According to Latino Review and First showing.net

He basically takes over Magneto’s body and then a giant nuclear type blast occurs coming from Magneto.


Then Bryan Singer tweeted this…

bryan singer tweet

So, who knows except that Magneto is sure to be up to his nasty evil ways really soon!

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