You Cannot Kill David Arquette Movie Review! JM says, “David Arquette’s amazing transformation electrifies the screen in the most feel good documentary of the year!”

Everyone deserves to be a winner, even if it’s just for one day. “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” provides a triumphant comeback and an exceptionally entertaining movie that will make you laugh and cry.

As the youngest member of the Arquette acting family, David Arquette always has been in the spotlight. During the 90s, David Arquette’s ascension made him the go-to goofball and after “Scream,” one of Hollywood’s most desired actors on the rise. However, while promoting his first headlining movie, “Ready To Rumble,” Arquette soon became embroiled in one of the most controversial wrestling decisions of all time when he became the WCW World Heavyweight Champion in 2000. Universally branded as the most despised and detested man in wrestling, Arquette’s antics soon stalled his burgeoning career. Determined to resurrect his reputation and redeem himself, a dedicated, driven David Arquette attempts to regain his place in wrestling and reclaim his self-respect.“You Cannot Kill David Arquette” persists as an engrossing, entertaining documentary that will delight wrestling and non-wrestling fans alike. Much like a phoenix rising from the ashes, “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” showcases the unbelievable grit and compelling comeback of David Arquette. Not only is this a delightful documentary, but one of the most fun films of the year.

David Arquette’s amazing transformation electrifies the screen in the most feel good documentary of the year! Exceptionally entertaining for 90 minutes, “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” is an absolute must see! Arquette’s arduous attempts to be taken seriously is simultaneously heartbreaking and hilarious. Still, don’t dismiss David Arquette as a one-trick pony. Arquette admirably embraces everything enthusiastically beyond the mat and transcends the ring to capture your heart. David Arquette’s passionate performance deserves to be recognized and absolutely epitomizes an unbelievable underdog rising to the challenge. Movies like “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” are why you enjoy going to the movies.To quote Gordie Boggs (“Ready To Rumble”), “Wrestling is not fake!” Sure matches are pre-arranged and extremely theatrical like an over-the-top soap opera, but the blood, sweat and tears are all frighteningly real. David Arquette doesn’t hesitate to leave it all on the mat with the good, the bad and the ugly. This heartbreaking, honest and remarkably raw performance is on par with Mickey Rourke in “The Wrestler,” Wallace Beery in “The Champ” and Sylvester Stallone in “Rocky.” Combine the heart of Rocky Balboa, the passion of Randy “The Ram Robinson” and the regrets of Terry Malloy with a unique unpredictable presence, you get David Arquette.

Recent wrestling documentaries like “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake,” “The Price of Fame,” and “The Sheik” certainly charm the most ardent of wrestling fans. However, they lack the crossover appeal and evoke enough emotions to put you over the top. The intense and immense sacrifices depicted will leave you speechless. Imagine the iconic “Beyond The Mat” meets “The Wrestler” with a dose of a slapstick to get “You Cannot Kill David Arquette.”

4 out of 4 stars.

“You Cannot Kill David Arquette” will be available in Drive-In theaters starting August 21st and on Video On Demand August 28th.


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