Alyson Hannigan Signs On To the American Pie Sequel! It’s Officially Happening!

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I was holding off on commenting on this… But now… I’m throwing in my two cents. The new American Pie movie… I like the original trilogy, with American Wedding being a decent addition, even though a certain tall Canadian named Mike the Fanboy was left on the cutting room floor…

I mean really, I think my three lines would have made that film an extra 100 million, but I digress… Now, they are making a fourth film in the series. Now, and this is just like with Scream, I kind of like the idea of making sequels after a length of time as long as there is a story to tell. Now, I think Kevin Williamson is more equipped to do so but hey, I’m not going to bag on American Pie just yet for trying the same thing.

Plus, with word today that Alyson Hannigan is going to be back as Michelle I have to go see it. I mean Alyson Hannigan is Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for god sakes! lol…. Also returning is Jason Biggs, Sean William Scott, Eugene Levy (was there any doubt! I mean he did all the direct to DVD sequels!), and a lot of the other cast is in talks including Chris Klein, Tara Reid (what The Big Lebowski 2 is letting her do this?), Mena Suvari, Jennifer Coolidge and Thomas Ian Nichols.

I’m sure they will all sign on… I mean really is Mena Suvari THAT busy! LOL…

Check out more of the American Pie series below…

P.S. – If that certain Tall Canadian did make into the final cut of American Wedding certainly those three lines would have deserved placement on the poster right? Hello! 🙂
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