Autograph Deal Of The Week! The One! The Only! Among The Greatest! Never Again! Super Rare! Van Morrison! Lit Up Inside!

What’s up autograph fanatics! Ace here with the deal of the week!

We have an absolute rare, amazing deal of the week for you! We are the ones that brought you Morrissey!

We are now bringing you MORRISON! I know! I know! I was doing a moondance when I saw it!

THE Van Morrison is signing a total of 250 copies of Lit Up Inside for you to purchase!

Now, I know… I know… the price is up there! BUT! This might be your only chance to get this rare born to sing lyricist.

NO PLAN B! Once in a lifetime chance!

an Morrison Lit-Up-Inside-Signed

A Limited Edition of Lit Up Inside – the first ever collection of the timeless lyrics of Van Morrison, carefully selected by singer songwriter himself.

Lit Up Inside contains the lyrics of about one third of the songs that Van Morrison has written over his 50 year career. In this representative selection from the work of one of the most innovative and enduring songwriters of the last century, the reader will find examples of all the features of the world that Van has created through his work: the back streets and mystic avenues; memories of childhood wonder and of adult work; the chime of church bells and the playing of the radio; the generous naming of other artists and the joy of solitude; love and sharp dealing; consolation and grace.

– 250 copies printed, priced £150 each
– Signed by Van Morrison on the limitation page

– Book to be fully-bound in cloth, with spine blocked in black pigment and gold/silver foil
– Comes with head and tail bands, coloured endpapers
– Cloth-covered slipcase
– Brown paper-wrapped and numbered label



Until Next time,

Ace, the Autograph Addict

And don’t forget, as I always say… There’s always an autographing opportunity out there, you just have to find it.

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