Awards Season Partying! Billy Gets Pulled Over By The Fuzz & Deals With Crazy Security But Meets Jamie-Lynn Sigler! Joe Manganiello! Amber Heard! Autographs! Photos! Sexiness!

I’ll tell you Awards season is awesome and frustrating. There are so many people out and about, however… Generally speaking everything is closed off and people come from out of town which makes the amount of people running around double or tripple!


Billy Beer was rolling the dice with the awards season this year and headed out in the blistering cold to try and meet none other than Amber Heard. Yep, he’s a crazy one! Crazy photo opp girls, run ins with the fuzz, crazy security… It’s all part of the game!

Check out Billy’s report after the jump!



Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool. It’s that time of year again! Award Season!!!! Today the bar has relocated to Michigan. Well at least that’s what it feels like. I moved away from there to get away from this weather! The rumor is, it’s supposed to be in the low 30’s tonight (here is were anyone that lives where there is snow can laugh at me). Are you done laughing……..OK. We are off to a fundraiser/party that is supposed to have a number of people attending. The one thing I hate about parties, is you can never really know who’s going to be there. You might have a list, but do you print for them, cause half of them don’t even show up. UGH! Well, I printed a bunch, let’s see how lucky I get.

Did I mention it was cold? When C.B. and I get there, OTG John is already there. We are soon joined by DVD Dave, but not too many of us here. We scope out the area and finally decide on where the drop off is going to be. We’re pretty close, so this could be good. As time goes by, they finally put up a barricade, and tell us we’ll start here, but if it gets bad, they’ll put us across the street. More people are starting to arrive. Now here’s the fun part. When they put up the barricade, these 4 ladies cut in front of everyone and won’t move. We can’t make a scene, cause we don’t want to get moved, but it was kind of a bull shit move on their part. They didn’t even have stuff to get signed. It was just for photo ops. By now a lot of graphers have arrived, I hope they enjoy the pictures going right over their faces.

Now, I don’t really remember the order of the people who didn’t come over, I can just say it was a lot Justin Bartha, Camilla Belle, Rachel Bilson, Kirsten Dunst, Topher Grace, Busy Philipps, Kat Von D, Elijah Wood, Krysten Ritter, John Legend, Jamie King, Anna Kendrick, Ali Larter, and MANY more. We really weren’t that far away either. Oh well, it was fricken cold!

The first person to come over was Jessica Szohr. She went to the photo-op ladies first. When she was done I asked her if she would sign. All I had for her was a blank. I was tempted to print one of her sexy Sobe ads, but didn’t know if she would do it. She was very nice, signed for me and a few more people.

Jessica Szohr signed autograph index card rare promo hot signature rare hot sexy woman promo photo

Next to come over was Joe Manganiello. I think Joe is getting a little burned out by graphers. He also went straight to the photo-op girls. While he was taking pictures, he stopped and yelled at the graphers to get their photos down. This doesn’t look good! C.B. had a picture of him and Joe. His publicist saw it, and was nice enough to bring him back over to sign it for him. But that was all the signing he was doing.

The third person to come over was Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Now if you didn’t know, I’m a huge Sopranos fan! It’s my favorite TV show. They had her and her boyfriend pose next to a car with a logo on it for a minute or two. The whole time C.B. is yelling for her to come over cause I was a HUGE Sopranos fan. Surprisingly, it works!

Jamie-Lynn Sigler signing autographs for fans hot sexy rare sopranos star sex rare promo photo shoot hottie rare sexy photo

She comes straight over to us (avoiding the photo-op ladies) and signs my picture. She signs a bunch more, and then I ask for a picture.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler signing autographs for fans hot sexy rare sopranos star sex rare promo photo shoot hottie rare sexy photo

She looked AMAZING! She took a pic, and then headed over to the red carpet.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler signing autographs for fans hot sexy rare sopranos star sex rare promo photo shoot hottie rare sexy photo

Here comes the highlight of the night! The one person that was on the guest list, and that I really wanted, was Amber Heard. She is such a natural beauty! I printed a 12 x 18 photo from her Guess ads that I was hoping to get signed. When she arrived, I heard a bunch of people start yelling to her. It took about 1.3 seconds for me to get the board out with her picture. She comes running over to us, and with all the stretching I could do, watched her come STRAIGHT to my pen. She grabbed it, and put the biggest and most beautiful Amber Heard I’ve seen. She then took a quick pic with photo-op lady, and then left. It was super quick, but I got exactly what I was hoping to get out of the night with that one photo signed. Totally worth it for me.

Amber Heard signed autograph photo rare signing autographs for fans rare promo hot sexy star photo shoot signed photo promo rare

Kelly Osborne also came over really quick. She took a lot of pictures and signed a few blanks for people. C.B. got a pic. I really didn’t try, I was still super happy about my Amber Heard.

We decided not to stay for exits. It didn’t look promising, and it was cold. There was also a Showtime party that we were hoping to get some people at, so we decided to go there. Now here’s the fun part.

C.B. has often complained about my driving as I do of his. I will speed a little and go in and out of traffic if needed. C.B. however drives like he’s auditioning for Fast and the Furious. So we’re on our way, when a cop decides to follow us. Whoop Whoop! That’s the sound of the Police! Whoop Whoop! That’s the sound of the Beast! (KRS1) C.B. is getting pulled over. Now here’s the what not to say to the police officer lesson of the day. “We were at a party” Yes, that is what C.B. told the cops.

super troopers rare promo speeding ticket rare press promo still black cop rare hot

The cop then proceeds to tell him that he had a taillight out, was weaving between lanes, and he was driving way too close to the car in front of him. Hmmmmm things I might have told him a million times, only to be told “I’ve lived here my whole life, and that’s how we drive out here”. Then after the cop let us off, instead of saying “Thank You” he proceeds to ask for directions cause he was “lost”. AGH!

(Editor’s Note: Seriously? My God… I can’t believe he got let off! Only CB! M-)

Can someone just give me directions to the closest bar. It’s late, and it’s Happy Hour somewhere!

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