BEST… FAN… MEETING… EVER! Elisa In The Big Apple Talks To Castle Star Seamus Dever VIA Twitter And Then He Tells Her Where To Meet Him! Say Wha? Autographs! Photos! #awesomestory

Okay, I love stories like this… I love it. It’s what warms my cold cold fanboy heart. lol… When a celebrity goes out of his way to be nice to a waiting or in this case searching fan. HA!

Elisa in the Big Apple doesn’t have the good fortune of meeting the people on the ABC series Castle since they film in Los Angeles. So, generally she checks Twitter to see if anyone is around, etc… Well, she saw that one of the Castle stars Seamus Dever was in town.

I’ll let her tell you the rest of the story. But rest assured… It’s awesome!



To say this is my absolute favorite fan experience would not be a stretch. It will no doubt be the most memorable for a long time.

My favorite current show on TV right now is ABC’s Castle starring Geek God Nathan Fillion, the undeniably brilliant Stana Katic and a slew of ridiculously talented co-stars. Week after week, I anxiously wait for Monday nights and new adventures with the Castle, Beckett and the 12th Precinct.

Castle season 4 rare promo poster nathan fillion hot sexy rare suit tie key art

Now, I wasn’t having the best day at work and was also unable to check my twitter as often as I normally do. So after work, I headed home to take a quick nap before heading out to meet and friend. About fifteen minutes after reaching home, I noticed that Seamus Dever, who plays one of the detectives on Castle, tweeted that he was at Grand Central Terminal.

I realized he had been tweeting about it a few times throughout the day but as I said, I hadn’t been checking twitter. On a whim, since I know how rare it is for the Castle cast to be in NYC, I decided to head back down to Grand Central. (Note: I work in that building. Ha!)

As I got on the subway, I sent a quick tweet which I ended up deleting shortly after. When I got off the subway, I was met with this reply!

I called my friend as I wandered around the Terminal. She convinced me to stay and I tweeted again, and got ANOTHER answer!

I was SO EXCITED. What a surreal moment. And normally I would never have had the courage to tweet one of my favourite TV actors that I was basically following them around the City but I was so hopeful and really had nothing to lose (other than my dignity).

And somehow everything worked out.

This proves that Mr. Seamus Dever is a cut above the rest.

We met, we chatted and he was kind enough to take a photo with me and sign my Castle poster from SDCC (Molly Quinn had previously signed it).

Seamus Dever fan photo signing autographs rare hot sexy castle star abc promo rare

I still can’t believe it happened.

Mr. Dever, I would like to take this time to THANK YOU SO MUCH for your generosity and kindness and for making THIS fan’s year! You didn’t have to, but I’m thrilled that you did!

Seamus Dever signed autograph castle promo poster fan photo signing autographs rare hot sexy castle star abc promo rare

Watch Castle on ABC Monday night’s at 10/9c!

Follow Seamus Dever on twitter at @SeamusDever!

Follow me on twitter (@Corelliajedi2) and my blog, for more adventures! 

Seamus Dever signed autograph castle promo poster fan photo signing autographs rare hot sexy castle star abc promo rare

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