MTF Rant! Beware Of Forged So-Called “Limited Edition Premiere Autograph Poster Holograms!” Avoid At All Costs

Normally I don’t weight in on what’s original and what’s fake in terms of autographs. It’s a debate that will go on forever.

Now, personally I like to get my stuff signed in person either by me or someone I’m friends with. There are occasions when I’m like, “That’s not a bad deal” or I’ll buy something from someone I know and trust because it’s an awesome piece.

Case in point, I have a Marky Mark Wahlberg signed poster in my bedroom that would be impossible to get today. And to answer your question, he signed it, “I heart you Marky Mark.” Never going to happen in 2015, but in 1994, it did.

I like to search eBay like everyone else and I think it’s funny to see the prices people want for things. What I don’t find funny is when there are blatant forgeries and people are spending their hard earned money on them.

The thing I’m talking about today are these so called, “premiere holograms” or what I call, someone printing a sheet of fake stickers and calling them a Marvel or official sticker. I’ve seen several sellers putting these stickers on saying that the movie studio gave them away to some VIP’s at the premiere and they put this fake hologram on to substantiate their story.

Fake signed autograph hologram premiere posters marvel 2

If you look at the autographs, it’s like these people aren’t even trying to fake them right. It’s laughable.

Case in point, one guy has a Thor one sheet that he says is from the premiere at the El Capitan theater premiere in Hollywood. Among the signers… Natalie Portman, who signed the poster with a full, Natalie Portman not her usual “Nat Port.” Funny thing… Natalie Portman wasn’t even at that premiere. And FYI she wasn’t at the Dark World one in Hollywood either.

This is NOT Natalie Portman’s Autograph as is on the So-Called Premiere Limited Edition poster!

Fake natalie portman signed autograph hologram premiere posters marvel 1

This is my in person Natalie Portman autograph.

natalie portman signed autograph hesher promo mini movie poster hot sexy v for vendetta star natalie portman signing autographs for fans fans lined up waiting for Natalie Portman to enter the san diego comic con floor

That’s a huge difference!

These holograms are a cheap way of duping people into buying something that’s clearly a forgery. If you see an Avengers cast poster signed by everyone with a silly hologram, guess what… It’s 99% of the time not real.

There’s an Ant-Man “Limited Edition poster with hologram” that lists like three cast members who weren’t at the premiere as well!

Fake signed autograph hologram premiere posters marvel 3

If you’re in the market for autographs and you have to buy something, I’ll be happy to refer you to people who I know sell legit autographs, but please for the love of God do some research before spending hard earned money on a fake knock off.

Fake signed autograph hologram premiere posters marvel 3

I could do an article like this each week on different things to watch for if people want, like the booths at conventions with the overzealous framing, but the thing is, if you don’t know who got an item signed, or if the price is too good to be true, then most times it is.

Only buy things from people you know are legit or you’ve been referred to.

And a COA or hologram is only worth the paper they are printed on.

That’s my two cents!

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