MTF Mini Rant! Taylor Swift Says, “Autographs Are Obsolete!” I Say Taylor, We Are Never Getting Back Together… Like EVER!

So, Ace just sent over this article from the Huffington Post where Taylor Swift has declared the “autograph obsolete.”

MMMMMMMMh Hmmmmmmmm….

Apparently Taylor Swift, says, “I haven’t been asked for an autograph since the invention of the iPhone with a front-facing camera”

Sure… Sure. Whatever you say Taylor.

Taylor Swift Surprise face at the grammy awards when winning an award mouth open rare

But it’s interesting to think about right? I mean in todays technological times, does something tangible like an autograph on a photo or poster hold more or less value to a fan, than say a selfie?

I like both, but I like the autographs more. Clearly.

I was thinking about this, and since I am a little older, I’m sure my opinion is a bit skewed, so I looked at my younger friends.

taylor swift live in concert with her guitar guest starring on new girl rare promo hot

One of my friend’s Justin is a minimalist, he hates clutter, in his house, there’s a TV, coffee table and couch. He doesn’t even buy DVD’s because they are all digital now.

It makes sense right? He’s 24-ish and part of that generation. Comparatively you can’t even walk in my office right now because stuff is piled everywhere.

brandon flowers signed hot fuss blue vinyl lp signed autograph brandon flowers signing autographs jimmy kimmel live 2013 043

But here’s what threw me, I got an instant message from Justin about a month ago asking about collecting. This shocked the living crap out of me. He asked, how I went about picking what to collect and what limited editions to look for etc. This was completely out of the blue.

I of course asked, “Dude, WTF!” He said, he has started to collect limited edition vinyl LP’s, he just fell in love with them.

pretty in pink original vinyl lp rare promo signed by jon cryer rare molly ringwald signing autographs for fans 002

So, after talking about limited editions, what to look for etc… Which is actually an awesome column, I’ll be writing up, I really got to thinking.

Someone of Justin’s generation is buying vinyl, not to play mind you, but just to collect. Someone who never would have done so is now doing this, at least in my mind. That to me says something about the power of tangibility.

edward norton signed autograph signature fight club promo mini poster brad pitt helena bonham carter david fincher

Autographs are tangible, they are something to show people, something to display, much like Justin’s Limited Edition LP’s. A selfie you can post to facebook, show your friend’s etc… but once that initial Instagram high is over, it’s over. With an autograph, you have something, that can get passed down for generations, your kids, grandkids, etc…

Don Knotts signed autograph headshot photo rare promo three's company the andy griffith show legend signature

So, the question of autographs being obsolete, is’t really a question. Too many people make their living off selling autographs, enjoy collecting autographs, etc… to ever make an authentic autograph obsolete.

Just my two cents Taylor, and FYI we are never, ever, getting back together… Like… EVER!

Until next time kids…

Jason Lee TCM Fanboy

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