Book Beat at the Epic Reads Meetup at BookCon! Speed dating with 6 authors!

At Bookcon, Epic Reads (HarperCollins) hosted a round of speed dating for fans to chat with authors about their latest books. I was lucky enough to score a ticket to the YA event and got the lowdown on some of the upcoming books!

Epic Reads set up a lounge where fans could take a break from the craziness of BookCon. There were lots of books scattered around to keep people busy.

Epic Reads lounge (1)

They also hosted a couple of events in the lounge including the Epic Reads Meetup where a few fans would get a chance to talk to 6 authors about their upcoming books. Each author would have around 8 minutes to chat about their book and whatever else and then they would move on to the next table. Lucky me, I scored a ticket!

Kendara Blake talked about her upcoming book Three Dark Crowns which is about three sisters who are forced to compete for the throne. Each sister has a different superpower and a different agenda. If you like epic fantasies, this one has a ton of complex world-building.

Kendara Blake (1)

Katherine McGee will debut her first novel, The Thousandth Floor. This book is a futuristic tale where giant buildings contain whole cities. People can live their entire life within one of these buildings. The Thousandth Floor just had its cover reveal yesterday. They had been going back and forth on the cover design for a while and the final result is quite lovely, but a little darker than what the story may be like. Katherine describes the book as a light and happy tale with a love story and more.

Katherine McGee (4)

Danielle Paige chatted about The Yellow Brick War, the latest book in the Dorothy Must Die series. She also has a new series starting with Stealing Snow (September). They are very different series, but both twist familiar stories. Danielle confessed she was getting her head wrapped around shifting back and forth between the two worlds.

Danielle Paige (1)

Colleen Oaks, the author of the recently released Queen of Hearts talked about this retelling of the Queen’s side of the story of Alice in Wonderland. She originally submitted a lengthy manuscript for the book and her editor immediately said it should be cut into 3 books! At least we know the next couple of books are pretty ready to go!

Colleen Oaks

Unrivaled is the latest book from Alyson Noel. It’s a glitzy story of three people who are trying to win a fancy contest to win a highly coveted gig in Hollywood. (Extra points for including a diverse group of characters!) She mentioned that in writing the next part of the series, she discovered who the villain of the story is and it’s not who she originally thought. Hmmm…big twists ahead!

Alyson Noel

The final author was Kimberly McCreight who has a thriller called The Outliers. There are lots of twists and turns in a scary woodland setting. Kimberly is honestly creeped out by forests so I’m curious how that colors her writing…

Sound intriguing? Unrivaled, The Outliers, Yellow Brick War and Queen of Hearts are all available now. Three Dark Crowns and The Thousandth Floor will be out in September 20th and August 30th.

For more book suggestions, check out my book report from BEA and comment to vote on what books I should include in my BEA/BookCon giveaway. Yes, some of these books may be up for grabs!



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