Box Office Breakdown! 300 Scores! Mr. Peabody Hits #2! Non-Stop #3! And More!

I’m back on top, correctly predicting this week’s number one movie. 300 Rise of an Empire took the top spot with $45 million.

300 movie poster

Mr. Peabody & Sherman came in at number two with $32.5 million. That’s a more than decent amount, but with a budget of $145 million, it’ll take a lot more than one good weekend to break even.

Non-Stop flew in at number three with $15.3 million brining its domestic total to $52.

The LEGO Movie stayed sound at number four with $11 million, for a domestic total of $225 million – wow!


Son of God slipped to number five with $10 million – not bad for a budget of zero dollars.

son of god movie poster

The Monuments Men came in at number six with $3 million. It’s barely made a profit, yet won’t seem to go away.

3 Days to Kill fell to number seven with $3 million. This is not Kevin Costner’s year.

Frozen stuck at number eight, again, with $3 million more for its one billion dollar worldwide gross.

frozen movie poster logo rare

Best Picture winner 12 Years a Slave got a boost and came in at number nine in re-release with $2.1 million.

Rounding out the top ten for the second week in a row was Ride Along who grabbed another $2 million.

Check out the full box office chart below:
1 300: Rise of An Empire $45,050,000 $45,050,000
2 Mr. Peabody & Sherman $32,500,000 $32,500,000
3 Non-Stop $15,378,000 $52,117,000
4 The LEGO Movie $11,005,000 $224,974,000
5 Son of God $10,000,000 $41,494,000
6 The Monuments Men $3,100,000 $70,602,000
7 3 Days to Kill $3,062,000 $25,556,000
8 Frozen $3,010,000 $393,051,000
9 12 Years a Slave $2,175,000 $53,107,000
10 Ride Along $2,004,000 $129,968,000

Next week, look for Aaron Paul and the Need for Speed to knock those Spartans out of the top spot. Tune in to see if I’m right. Until then, happy movie going!

need for speed movie poster one sheet aaron paul poster

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