Box Office Breakdown! Avatar Makes A Splash! Violent Night Holds! Wakanda Is De-throned! And More!

Avatar: The Way of Water made a splash taking the top spot with a $134 million opening. Violent Night held at number two with $5.6 million while Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was finally de-throned down to number three.  The middle part of the chart stayed the same with I Heard the Bells breaking into number nine and Empire of Light climbing up to round out the top ten.

Check out the full box office chart below.

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1          Avatar: The Way of Water                     $134,000,000   $134,000,000   20th Century

2          Violent Night                                        $5,616,975       $34,962,000     Universal Pictures

3          Black Panther: Wakanda Forever           $5,400,000       $418,991,185   Walt Disney Studios

4          Strange World                                      $2,200,000       $33,778,060     Walt Disney Studios

5          The Menu                                             $1,700,000       $32,122,499     Searchlight Pictures

6          Devotion                                              $825,000          $18,660,954     Columbia Pictures

7          The Fabelmans                                      $750,000          $8,554,881       Universal Pictures

8          Black Adam                                           $500,000          $167,722,380   Warner Bros.

9          I Heard the Bells                                    $309,815          $4,993,048       Fathom Events

10        Empire of Light                                     $235,000          $471,821          Searchlight Pictures

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