Box Office Breakdown! Candyman Hits Number One! Free Guy Holds! Suicide Squad Slides! And More!

Candyman was super sweet, opening at number one this weekend. Free Guy was pretty liberated, moving down slightly to number two. The rest of the chart was basically the same. Look for Shang Chi to grasp the top spot next week.
Until next time, happy movie going and be nice to each other!
Recommended viewing: Bloody Mary (2011)

1 Candyman $22,370,000 $22,370,000 Universal Pictures

candyman movie poster

2 Free Guy $13,556,000 $79,311,180 20th Century Studios

free guy movie poster

3 PAW Patrol Movie $6,625,000 $24,081,280 Paramount Pictures
4 Jungle Cruise $5,020,000 $100,110,182 Walt Disney
5 Don’t Breathe 2 $2,835,000 $24,579,282 Screen Gems
6 Respect $2,170,000 $19,643,464 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
7 The Suicide Squad $2,035,000 $52,779,000 Warner Bros.
8 The Protégé $1,650,000 $5,724,237 Lionsgate
9 The Night House $1,218,000 $5,179,578 Searchlight Pictures
10 Black Widow $855,000 $181,531,407 Walt Disney Studios

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