Chris Hemsworth Hand Signed Thor Mini Poster Contest! Enter To Win! (ENDED)

Drumroll please!

It’s Mike The Fanboy contest time!

I keep getting emails from people saying how much they love this, or that so I figured, I need to share the love right? RIGHT!

I was thinking that I could hold a contest to give away an extra poster or photo and do it like, monthly or bimonthly depending on how popular it is!

For the first ever contest, from MY PERSONAL COLLECTION I’m giving away a hand signed Chris Hemsworth Thor mini poster. This poster was hand signed by Thor himself… yep, Mr. Chris Hemsworth in blue on the bottom.
chris hemsworth signed autograph signature promo hot sexy god of thunder hand signed promo mini poster rare

You can read all about it here! Or you might have already! Lol…

Now, you’re asking… How can I win?

Okay, it’s simple…

1. you have to leave a comment on the Mike The Fanboy page on Facebook.


Make sure you “like” the Mike The Fanboy page and leave a comment telling me what your favorite part of Thor was. It could be a scene, it could be a character, whatever!

Then, (I know, two steps!) Leave a comment at the bottom of this page, with the same comment you left on facebook.

YOU HAVE TO “Like” The MIKE THE FANBOY PAGE TO WIN! (make sure it’s not just the Contest post!)

The winner will be chosen by random! Good Luck! Contest ends June 30th!

If this is popular I’ll start doing more of these, I have some extra Channing Tatum autographs, a Jon Hamm or two… so… what are you waiting for? Enter Now!
chris hemsworth signed, autograph promo mini poster rare thor god of thunder promo mini poster promo rare hot sexy rare thor hand signed promo mini poster hot sexy rare hot chris hemsworth red movie poster one sheet sexy hot muscle workout

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