A Walking Dead Cast Member Just Scored A New Pilot! Does That Mean There’s Going To Be One Less Regular On The Series?

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Walking Dead may be losing a cast member…Doh!

It looks like AMC is in the process of casting a new pilot and joining the ranks will be none other than the Governor himself, Mr. David Morrissey!

This could spell trouble for the one eyed monster… Wait… No that actually fits!

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According to TVline, the new pilot is called Line of Sight and it centers around Lewis Bernt played by David Morrissey who is a National Transportation Safety Board investigator who survives a mysterious plane crash. He then sets off on a quest to discover what caused the accident.

AMC does say that Morrissey will be able to juggle both shows. In The Walking Dead David is not in the first few episodes and speculation is that he will not survive until the end.

Still both shows are going to be filmed in Atlanta so that makes things easier.

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