Don’t Forget The Hollywood Show Is This Weekend! Enter The Dragon 40th Anniversary! The Time Tunnel Reunion! And Pinky Live In Person!

Hey guys!

This weekend is the Hollywood Show. Just a quick reminder that Pinky and I are going to be bopping around there so if you do plan on going make sure and say hi!

This time around there are a couple really cool reunions…

The cast of the Time Tunnel

The time tunnel reunion with lee meriweather at the hollywood collector's show in burbank

As well as the 40th anniversary of Enter The Dragon

enter the dragon 40th anniversary reunion john saxon hollywood show cast reunion rare promo

Plus any opportunity to see Pinky, who wouldn’t want to go! LOL… Pinky is very excited about Sam Trammell this time around.

true blood shirtless sexy hot sam trammel sam merlotte rare press promo still bare chested naked rare promo

Because you know… Pinky has never met him before… Cough, cough… (I have to tease her you know!)

Check out the full schedule here and see if there’s anyone who strikes your fancy.

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