Fanboy Fail Friday! Chris Gets Dissed By Effie Trinket AKA Elizabeth Banks But She Said Sorry!

It’s Fanboy Fail Friday and it’s funny, because sometimes you just have to take a chance you know? I mean, if you don’t go, you just never know what will happen.

Chris headed out to meet Elizabeth Banks, and while she doesn’t have the best reputation, you never know right?

Check out Chris’ recap below!

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Its Monday kids and I just got done doing the Matthew McConaughey Walk of Fame Ceremony and did pretty good. I met Jessica Chastian, Mackenzie Foy and Matthew McConaughey but wish I got Anne. Oh well, good start of the day. 

After the Ceremony I head over to Gio’s.  On my way there I get a tip that Michael Douglas is flying in. One of my favorites.  So Gio and I send prints out and realize we have 5 hours until the flight. So we both decide to go and take our chances at meeting Elizabeth Banks and Nickelback the band.  We arrive after lunch and see Nickelback are signing and being nice as can be.

I heard Elizabeth has already arrived. I was like shit! Looked at Gio and said lets go for Michael.   Then I see Elizabeth’s car behind me. Security  tells her to go a different way.  Btw its just me and Gio there. 5 mins later I see her and yell loudly ELIZABETH……!! She turns around and starts to walk over.

Gio looks at me and says “omg” she’s going to do it. She tells me I promise I’ll do it and the way out because she was running late. Which was true.

elizabeth banks leaving jimmy kimmel live and ignoring waiting fans not even waving rude nasty

She had 5mins till showtime.   As I was going to leave for Douglas security comes out and tells me she’s going to do it after.  Big decision time. I decide to wait because I’ve never gotten Elizabeth Banks and wanted to get Billy Beer a shout out from her. 

elizabeth Banks and steve carrell naked shirtless in the 40 year old virgin rare promo hot sexy press still

Its go time! She’s about to leave and there are no graphers just me until 6 paps show up as she’s walking towards me, then she hides behind security yelling sorry to me.

Elizabeth Banks Effie trinket capital portrait movie poster promo hunger_games_catching_fire_ver10

Thanks to the paps she decides not to do it.  Should of went for Douglas because he signed..  


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