Emma Stone Goodness! Billy Meets The La La Land Star On A Cold Rainy Day In Los Angeles! Photos! Autographs! and More!

How can you not love Emma Stone? 

I can’t wait to see La La Land. I hear it’s amazing and I’ve been a fan of Emma’s for a long time now. 

Billy headed out to meet The Help star and she was nice as could be! 

Check out his recap below!


Welcome back to Billy Beer’s Barstool.  Award season is creeping up on us, which means Q & A’s!!  One of the movies getting a LOT of buzz is LA LA LAND.  Today they were showing it followed by a Q & A with JK Simmons and Emma Stone.  I pretty much have J.K. Simmons on everything I need him on, so my main objective was Emma.  I printed a couple of movie posters and another image of Emma in case I’m able more than one in the crowd. 

Mike was nice enough to tell me about it, but sadly I wasn’t able to go in.  So I decided to wait outside.  Now I was a little early, but I still expect there to be more than one person there.  As time went by, only one other person showed up.  But another guest showed up, Mother Nature.  Of course is decides to start raining right as we’re expecting the cast members to show up.  J.K. shows up first.  At this point we’re stand in a small area trying to stay dry.  We really don’t call loud for him, and by the time he hears us, he’s basically already in. 

We wait a little longer.  The rain has decided to take a quick break.  Then Emma’s car rolls up.  I hold up one of the posters, and she smiles and waves.  As soon as she gets out of the car she tells her publicist she was going to sign for us first.  She comes right over and starts signing.  She basically signed whatever we had for her. When she was done I ask her for a picture.  This was the main thing I was hoping for.  She’s always been a good signer, but a lot of the time at premiers and talk shows she’ll only sign.  So when I asked, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  She was like “sure”, and waited for me to get my phone ready. 


Great experience with a certain Oscar nominee (Portman, take notes!).  Sadly one of my photo’s got a little smeared due to the rain.  But still a successful day.  Till next time, it’s Happy Hour somewhere.    

Emma Stone signed autograph la la land poster Emma Stone signed autograph la la land poster Emma Stone signed autograph sexy black and white photo PSA

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