Erica Reviews Joss Whedon’s Cabin In The Woods And Gets To Meet The Man Himself After His Q and A!

You see, the Lovely Erica had a much better Wondercon than I. Not only did sickness infest my being, but I didn’t find it all that well done. I know that The Novel Strumpet and Erica had a much better time. I think Suddenly Susan and I went on a bad day. Ah, what can you do?

Anyway, Erica and her sister found the golden ticket! That ticket, you may ask? Well, it got them into a special screening of Cabin in the Woods with Joss Whedon in person for a Q and A! Yep, every geek girl’s fantasy!

Check out Erica’s spoiler free review of the long delayed film and Q and A after the jump!


Cabin in the Woods

This poor movie has been waiting in the wings forever! Finished some time ago, it was originally delayed for a possible conversion to 3D and then fell into limbo when the studio went kaput.

Flash forward to our present day and now Lionsgate is releasing this film written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard. Starring some Joss Whedon alumni (Amy Acker and Fran Kranz), Bradley Whitford, Richard Jenkins and a then-little-known actor-now-god-of-thunder Chris Hemsworth.

Imagine my delight to learn that the LA Times Hero Complex was hosting a screening for Cabin in the Woods with a Q &A with Joss and Drew afterwards! Yeah!

The trick (of course there’s a trick!) was to find the magic Hero Complex magazines that were printed for WonderCon. The Hero Complex crew would be handing out copies of the magazine, but only random ones would contain passes. It took a little searching out and thumbing though several magazines, but my sister and I got our passes. Yeah!

cabin_in_the_woods rare teaser one sheet movie poster promo rare joss whedon buffy the vampire slayer press promo

So how was the movie? Well, in deference to the storytellers, I won’t give out spoilers (but I will tease a cameo…!)

Cabin in the Woods is whole lot of different things: a bit of horror, suspense and comedy all rolled into one. It has all the funny quirkiness you’d expect of a Joss Whedon movie and it has the trademark puzzle piece set up where everything has meaning.

I’m not a horror fan so there are definitely moments that made me squirm and shut my eyes, but thankfully they don’t dwell in the gore. The story also continuously changes so really this is a 105 minute thrill ride with a heap of creep and some good funny as well.

Not your usual Joss Whedon fare, but what is usual when Joss has the ultimate superhero movie and a Shakespeare comedy as his next projects?

For the Q&A afterwards, Joss and Drew came out and were ready to chat.

Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard at the q and a for cabin in the woods at wondercon 2012 rare promo buffy the vampire slayer creator

Personable and amusing, they gave out interesting tidbits such as how quickly and completely this script came together during their Buffy days.

Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard at the q and a for cabin in the woods at wondercon 2012 rare promo buffy the vampire slayer creator

Without going into more details on the discussion which would definitely contain spoilers, it was amusing to hear how impressed Joss and Drew were with the person who makes a surprise cameo. This person came ready to have fun with the warped madness on the set and then stunned Joss and Drew when this person requested an autograph from them. It’s nice to see that Joss can still be dumbfounded and starstruck as well.

Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard at the q and a for cabin in the woods at wondercon 2012 rare promo buffy the vampire slayer creator

Throughout the Q&A, Joss and Drew impressed everyone with their focus on the details to make this elaborate story work. One woman in the audience apologized for asking a very technical story question and nearly got a marriage proposal from Drew who was so excited to geek out about the details with someone. Yep, these storytellers thought through all the scenarios for their twisty little story!

Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard at the q and a for cabin in the woods at wondercon 2012 rare promo buffy the vampire slayer creator

After the Q&A ends, my sister and I ran into Joss on the way out and he’s gracious enough to sign a few things and chat. The conversation rambled a bit (he mentioned his love for the fantasy movie musical Legend?!?), but we did learn a few interesting tidbits:

No, he’s not going to spontaneously film another project in between promoting Cabin in the Woods and that little project he has coming out called the Avengers. He is actually going to take some time off.

Joss was as surprised as anyone about the announcement that Dr. Horrible 2 is filming this summer. Neil Patrick Harris saw the announcement and then texted Joss about whether he should be expecting to do something this summer. It seems like the answer is “no” at this time.

Joss has the first edit of Much Ado done and is doing the music himself. He is loving the cast and is very proud of them. He really sounds jazzed about this project so it should be interesting!

After all of that is done, Joss will settle down to do some writing again. Woo hoo!

For a rockling ride, see Cabin in the Woods on Friday, April 13th!

joss whedon signed autograph cabin in the woods promo mini poster promo chris hemsworth rare hot movie poster

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