Throwback Thurs! Meeting Ewan McGregor! Autographs! Photos! And More! American Pastoral Screening and Reception!

With Doctor Sleep about to hit theaters, I thought it was a great time to do a Ewan McGregor throwback. I love Ewan, he’s one of my favorites!

Check out the recap below!

How can you not love Ewan McGregor? I mean he’s one of the coolest guys around and I have to tell you… I was told last night, that I say that a lot, the phrase, “I have to tell you.” It’s not going to stop necessarily, I just thought I would call myself out. LOL… Oh, it’s Sunday!

Anyway, regardless Ewan McGregor is hyper talented and the star of some of my favorite films of all time, Moulin Rouge, Trainspotting, Big Fish, Shallow Grave, and tons more. I mean he’s hyper awesome.

I was invited along with Scotty, Gaston and Lisa to a screening of Ewan’s directorial effort American Pastoral with a reception immediately following.

This is one of those nights I knew I had to attend. I get a lot of screenings and q and a’s this time of year, but you have to make time for those special ones.

The reception was very nice with a variety of finger food and an open bar.

Ewan was hanging out and chatting with everyone. We all waited and paused so that he wouldn’t get mobbed.

Towards the middle of the evening we made our way over for our few minutes of gushing. Ewan was so gracious and kind. I brought my Shallow Grave mini poster and the new poster for Trainspotting 2 which I’m so excited for.

Ewan even looked at the poster because he said, “I haven’t seen it this big yet! Look at Johnny Lee!”


I told Ewan how much I enjoyed his directing and what a great job he did on it.


It was a great reception and a really fun evening!

Until next time kids…

ewan mcgregor signed autograph shallow grave poster ewan mcgregor signed autograph T2 Trainspotting poster

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