Fanboy Fail Friday! Debbie Reynolds! Adam Levine! Usher! Shakira! Blake Shelton! Extra Madness! Doh!

It’s a Fanboy Fail Friday! With Ace…

I was asked to reach my pit of despair and darkest autograph fail of my life to broadcast to you… Well, not really. But, this is the only one I remember that was pretty recent.

The moment Debbie Reynolds was announced on Extra, I was there that Sunday… The taping would be Thursday, but I was dedicated.

On a serious note, I got there about thirty minutes to an hour before the start and it would end up being the biggest waste of time ever. The coaches of the Voice would be on fifteen minutes after Debbie Reynolds.

Debbie Reynolds came fashionably late. She went on and did her interview. Always darling!


Of course, she fell and bruised her face the night before, so I immediately knew there would be no chance of her signing.Therefore, when she came off the stage, debating on whether or not she should come over, her publicist said she wasn’t feeling well. She apologized to everyone, and went on her way.


Shortly after, the cast of the Voice was expected to arrive. The biggest cast of Divas. You have Usher, Adam Levine, Shakira, and Blake Shelton. I had magazines for all…

The Extra crew had chairs flying. Rumors of Usher canceling! Chair went on stage. Went off stage. Back on stage! Then, eventually back off stage. They had audience sit in the chairs to test the lighting. Brought them up, tested all the lighting. Usher shows up two minutes before the interview to save the day. Even though the rumor was he didn’t want to do it.

They did the interview. The charming act! A little girl had a Shakira doll that they asked to borrow for the interview. They pretended like they cared. The moment the lights turned off.


The little girl asked if she could get it signed. The producer said something to the effect of “I don’t care” and “I am not getting it signed.” Throws it back to her and the damage was done to more than just the doll…

They disperse. Jump in their cars…and the silence spread across the land…


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