Fanboy Fail Friday! Julia Roberts Is The Runaway Bride Leaving After Motioning To Fans She Would Come Over! BAM!

It’s Fanboy Fail Friday!

It’s Julia Roberts day! Sadly… The former Pretty Woman was doing a talk show to promote her latest indie film, which frankly I haven’t heard of, but hey… Gotta get the word out right?

Now, I wasn’t even going to go, but I got a call from Scotty saying that on the way in Julie motioned she would do it after and pointed towards the crowd… And there were only 11 people there. Soooooooo…

I raced down, fought rush hour traffic and made it with my Sleeping with the Enemy and Notting Hill posters fairly intact. Whew.. To my shock Anushika was also here, which is always a delight.

mirror_mirror rare teaser one sheet movie poster julia roberts evil queen rare promo poster hot sexy pretty woman

I caught my breath and we waited. It all looked so good. Security was moving into position and honest to God, it was like they were preparing for her to come over.

Julia Roberts dissing fans jimmy kimmel live 1

I think everyone at the barricade thought that. With only 11 people, she seemed to be motioning towards us, etc…

And then… BAM! She left and nadda. She was the Runaway Bride making her way out and leaving everyone in the dust.

We yelled, and we might have gotten a backwards wave, it was hard to tell from my vantage point but that was it.

Julia-Roberts-11 rare promo press still black and white pretty woman photo hot sex 1990s star

Honey, it’s not 1990 anymore. You only had 11 people here, perhaps you should calm yourself. Just sayin’.

It was pretty much a bummer especially because she motioned that she would do it after, ah well… Scotty will have to put his Satisfaction laser disc back in storage.

Until next time kids…

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